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President's Message

Sarah Khambatta, PCC - ICF Los Angeles President

July 2019


Dear fellow Coaches of the ICFLA Community,

Welcome to the first days of Summer!

This is my favorite time of year, not only for the beautiful SoCal weather, but it’s also a chance to: 

  1. Take stock of what has gone well so far this year. Realign with the goals at the beginning of the year.
  2. Reward those efforts and declare what’s next!
  3. Be grateful for all the opportunities, new connections, and personal and business growth.
  4. Take a break sometime in the summer to rest, rejuvenate, recharge and celebrate with colleagues, friends and family. 

To that end ICFLA, the BOD and Associate Directors met on June 30 to review our goals and realign for the remainder of the year. To help us measure your interests, excitement and satisfaction, we will be sending a survey for your input later this summer. 

Thank you for always providing events that are filled with valuable content and wonderful people.”  - Natalie Barron, Chapter Meeting Executive Panel

Board Update:  

I want to acknowledge what an amazing team we have, made up of the Board of Directors, Associate Directors and Ambassadors. It’s an incredibly large team of 38 dedicated coaching professionals who are contributing their time and effort to lead programs and activities, demonstrating the expertise and partnership a chapter leader dreams of. Please acknowledge them whenever you see them!

We also have several changes: Barry Bettman, longtime Teleclass Director, and Ambassador this year is moving on to other ventures, including working on the book he has always wanted to write.  You will be missed Barry!

I’m pleased to acknowledge that Gay Cunningham has been voted in as Teleclass Director, after being the Associate Director this year.  *Anyone interested to learn more about the Associate Director role, please email us at offfice@icfla.org 

Paul Sanbar has been voted in as Programming Director, and we are welcoming in Erica Schwartz-Hall as our Chapter Meeting Associate Director. Additionally, Pedro Pinto has been voted in as new Director of Communications, from Associate Director. 

Finally, to further align our chapter’s interests and activities with ICF Global, PLEASE take a moment to take this Global Coaching Study Survey HERE. The Global Coaching Study is commissioned by ICF and conducted by PwC.  It is surveys like this one that provide one of my favorite resources for research, data and quotable results.

Chapter Events:

Our next Chapter meeting with Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC, is in August, and you can still participate in powerhouse Teleclasses, SIGs and Coaching Cafes all month long in July!

In case you missed “Coach with Pride: Coaching in the LGBTQ Community”, it was a deep, informative and useful education on the dialectic, and cultural differences the community faces. Stay tuned for more opportunities in this focus area. 

The New Members Orientation meeting, has been presented by the Membership Team like clockwork the Wednesday after each Chapter meeting and brings a new element of information, connection and fun for new members.  

Member Update:

If you have not met your personal and professional goals yet this year, will you consider:

  • Asking for a mentor or coach.
  • Getting support from someone who’s addressed your particular need. 
  • Participating in our educational programming in July.
  • Looking on our website for a recorded Teleclass that addresses your interest.

As always, feel free to let us know what you would like more of (feel free to email me at office@icfla.org). 

If you are traveling or having a staycation this summer, may your journey be exciting and rich!


Sarah Khambatta, PCC
ICFLA President

P.S.  I couldn’t resist sharing this comment below with you about a recent Coaching Cafe. These casual gatherings are meeting a desire for real and informal connection among coaches and coach curious. It’s such an easy and meaningful way to chat, explore ideas and have some fun together - attend one soon! 

"This was my first experience at the Coaching Cafe and it was a cozy and empowering conversation with Michael. I appreciated the casual nature of it, like two friends sitting across from one another sharing about our life and coaching experience - except we never met before, which is more testament to Michael for his ability to connect. I was very disarmed and it was also nice to be across from someone who has been in the coaching arena for much longer than me. I found his career in team building through drum performance and other creative arts to be quite fascinating, and it falls in line with the whole notion that emotion is created by motion. When I am able to align with someone else's emotion and experience, I feel more connected - and that is a big component of coaching - to see from the client's side and as my former coach would say - 'learning to be the neutral observer.' In short, Michael was a pleasure and reinforced within me further that I am on the right path. I look forward to more Coaching Cafes in the near future

- Gavin Masyimura

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