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President's Message

Sarah Khambatta, PCC - ICF Los Angeles President

September 2019

As our Labor Day celebrations, barbecues and family gatherings were being enjoyed by all of us, the ICFLA Board and I continue to create impact through our plans for ICFLA this Fall!


As you gear up for achieving your Fall goals, look to ICFLA to get you there!

Our community of leaders is growing.  In January, we started the year with 6 returning Board members from 2018, and now check out our org chart (below) to view our expanding leadership team!

Getting to Your Goal while implementing ICFLA’s theme: Playfulness, Connection and Growth

This year each leader serving ICFLA is encouraged to pick a personal goal and align that goal with their leadership goal and that with the ICFLA Board’s goals.  The idea is that aligning the goals catalyzes the team and elevates growth and results for all. Join our initiative to achieve your personal and business goals by year end.

At each Board meeting there are check-ins that are unrecorded where the team shares a detail about themselves, a current challenge, vacation experience or a few words on how their “being” is.  This is a moment to connect and brings a level of playfulness and authenticity. 

One of the results is we have had record numbers of people stepping up to volunteer.  If you want to volunteer for next year’s Board, or support team please connect with our amazing President-Elect Camille McKinney at camille@leveragedleaders.com 

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success will take care of itself”.  - Henry Ford

So what are YOUR personal and business goals?

Check out our diverse ICFLA programming opportunities for earning your credential, increasing your coaching skills with world-class training, leadership development, building your client list, or matching up with an accountability partner to track your weekly goals.

ICFLA continues to deliver top-level training, business opportunities and engagements to grow your network of cross-referral professionals.

Join our Membership or Renew

If you are not a member yet or need to renew ... and if you would benefit from continuing your coaching training, finding a mentor, or building your connection with an empowering community to inspire and hold you accountable to get your goals, then become an ICFLA member or renew today!  Go here to sign up.

Credential Renewal

Every three years ICF credential holders must earn CCEs to renew their credential by Dec 31st. A friendly reminder, don’t wait until the last minute to earn your CCEs.

A big congratulations to those who coached, set up and participated in the CAHR conference this past week!

Exciting news coming up:

For ICFLA’s 3rd Annual Talent Summit on October 16th, we have 8 participating organizations getting together for networking, fun and creativity! See details and register here.

  • Conscious Capitalism LA (CCLA)
  • Association for Talent Development (ATD-LA)
  • National Speakers Association (NSA)
  • Organizational Development in LA (OD in LA) 
  • Association for Change Management Professionals (AMPCA)
  • CoachMasters Toastmasters
  • International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)
  • International Coach Federation of Los Angeles (ICFLA)

Our long and thriving Teleclasses will be moving to Zoom Webinar starting October 22nd!  Hooray! Zoom Webinar allows attendees to view the presenter on video, not just by telephone.  Zoom Webinar is also a more widely known platform than our current platform, Maestro. My announcement of this change at the August 21st Chapter meeting was enthusiastically received with a round of applause.  As a result of this change, several volunteers stepped up to be on the Teleclass team.

The website will make its debut shortly (see photo below).  Thank you for your patience as we are behind schedule with our new ICFLA website.  One of the key features of the new website is housing event audios and videos allowing you to access them and receive CCEs on your own schedule!

As we are moving to Zoom Webinars, our tech team is working out a smoother process for the end-user syncing website registrations, email confirmations and feedback forms. 

Other new opportunities:

Our newest Coaching Cafe is on September 9th in Hermosa Beach at the Yellow Vase Cafe.  Now there are 5 Coaching Cafes, all at convenient locations created to connect coaches  in a more intimate and casual setting.

We have a new SIG!  The Book Club SIG is kicking off on September 18th on Zoom, and is already attracting ICFLA members from around the world!  50 members voted for the book selection, so check it out and read it soon so you can participate in a lively,engaging discussion with your fellow coaches!


See more details on the SIG page of www.icfla.org or Register here

ICFLA yearly survey

Be on the look out for a full membership/subscriber survey going out this month.  The survey helps us select programming and strategy for 2020.

Your voice matters to us!

Lastly, check out the ICF’s Global Coaching Survey by clicking here.  This survey is important for our profession, and it’s also important for our Chapter.  If the Los Angeles chapter achieves 100 or more valid survey responses, we will receive a locally specific slide deck that shows survey findings from our local area. The research results can be utilized in your presentations, articles and more!  ICF calls Chapters who meet this goal the “100 Club,” and I know it’s a group that we’ll all want to be part of!

See you in October!

Onward and upward! 

Sarah Khambatta, PCC


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