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President's Message

Sarah Khambatta, PCC - ICF Los Angeles President

May 2019


Spring is Here: Time Flies when you’re having fun

Happy International Coaching Week - April 29-May 5th! Thank you for celebrating ICW with us! We have a lot of exciting events in store and many ICFLA “firsts” to share with you.

First of all, a word about how our chapter has created a whole new approach to this important global celebration:

You may know that every year the President and President Elect go to the Global Leaders Forum conference given by ICF to strategize and plan for their respective terms.

A year ago at the GLF conference in Vancouver, the seeds of the 2019 ICW plan began.  I was struck by the diverse international chapters that gathered for one unique cause: coaching in our communities, chapters and the world. Every conversation was rich with cultural perspective, bright enthusiastic smiles, and intelligent, heartfelt and innovative conversation...not to mention exciting clothing from around the world.  It intrigued me to hear one chapter leader say how they had to fight legislation just to have a chapter in her country.

Another conversation with a thriving life coach wearing bright red garb and a glow in her eyes discussed building an increased awareness of credentialing.  Still another conversation with a leader in the South Bay here in California, a presenter, speaking about strategies for facilitation with teams. All of these leaders, from completely different areas of the world, spoke passionately about the value of coaching, developing their own businesses and striving for continued learning in their own fields.

This was the catalyst for our ICFLA celebration of ICW in 2019! I wanted the entire chapter, not just the presidents and president-elect to experience this international event.  The first idea was to host eight international speakers online during our chapter meeting, and then the idea really took off. ICFLA has taken the ICW to an entirely new level with our special event, “Global Connect”! This event answers a dream to connect our chapters with many others in an innovative, real-time, digital, global experience.

In the same way that Martin Luther King has said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” So too, innovative, transformative practices and ideas are expanded when shared everywhere.  

We hope that you will join us for Global Connect, ICFLA’s ICW event, May 1st and May 2nd 9AM-5:15PM. Register here

Another special ICW event that we have initiated includes youth and students at our in-person ICW Chapter Meeting on May 15th with ICF CEO and Executive Director, Magda Mook.  Come early to a Happy Hour at 5:30PM to welcome new members, volunteers and guests. CTI, Accomplishment Coaching, Fielding, Hudson and Goldvarg Consultation Group. This event is a special welcome to students and several area credentialing programs (ACTPs).

And there’s more innovation! On June 12th we are hosting a special online event to focus on coaching for the LGBTQ Community. Register here

Other exciting programs coming up are our renowned SIGs, which are video experiences (we are now able to share the videos with attendees afterwards!) that often include invited speakers on specific topics.

Every other month the SIGs have become topic and expert speaker driven, and June promises to be an exciting SIG month! Here’s how April lined up:

  • Neuroscience SIG, Ken Nowack PhD Neuroscience focus on Sleep, Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Credential SIG, Mickey Gustafson, ICF Credentialing Coordinator - How to apply for the ICF Credential

  • Executive Coaching SIG focused on Managing Inherited Assessments

  • Coaching Supervision is an experience of being and hearing MCC level coaching supervision with Damian Goldvarg

  • Building Business SIG focuses on specific topics of building your coaching business with Gretchen Hydo

  • Mastermind SIG puts it all together to create community support while moving forward in your goals with Courtney Webster

Be sure to check out the, ever-successful Teleclasses in May with Courageous Coaching with Emotional Intelligence with Desiree Briel and  Show Your Spirit! Weaving Spiritual Tools Into Your Coaching Practice with Tina Schust Robinson Register here

And, looking ahead to the second half of the year, we’ll be turning to  business engagements, with a conference participation at the CAHR and networking at the 3rd Annual Talent Summit on October 16th at the Skirball…..as well as checking out our new website!

And, I hope you’re still thinking about our invitation to create your big change this year and share it at the December Chapter Meeting.  For example:

What did you commit to changing this year? 
Did you ask for help from everyone who could make it easier? 
If you haven’t hired a Virtual Assistant yet, are you willing?
What support can the ICFLA community give you, if you ask?

Stay tuned for more Playfulness, Connection and Growth!

Play Big!

Sarah Khambatta, PCC, ICFLA President

P.S. As always you are welcome to share your ideas and insights or give feedback.  You can connect with us at office@icfla.org.

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