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President's Message

Yu-Lin Kong, ICF Los Angeles President

November 2017


Yu-Lin Kong

In last month’s message I mentioned how the fall season is a time for gratitude and hinted at what will be the focus for this month’s edition. I’m thinking of this message like pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz and giving insights as to what happens behind the scenes at ICFLA and makes our organization so great!

First and foremost, we wouldn’t be around without you, our community and members. Thank you for being a part of our organization! It’s because of you that we offer our outstanding programming and benefits. If you’re not yet a member and are thinking about becoming one, don’t hesitate!

If you’re reading this, you will want to know that there’s a whole team that helps get this content out to you. Thanks to our communication team! Michelle Sullivan, our Communications Director, oversees all this awesome content you see here in our emails as well as on social media. Thanks Michelle! I also want to acknowledge Jenny Jordan, Janneke Van Veen, and Albert Castanon, Ambassadors of Communications, who help us specifically with content creation across all our communications.

Have you been to any of our world renowned Teleclasses? If you haven’t yet, check them out! And if you have then you’ve probably heard Elsbeth Tate and/or Barry Bettman who are ICFLA’s Co-Directors of Virtual Education. They lead a team of Ambassadors who all help to make our Virtual Education Programming. Thank YOU!

Did you attend the LA Talent Summit or any of our other in-person events at Skirball this year? Thank you to Susan Smalley, Sarah Khambatta, and Matt Dickinson for championing our awesome Presenters and setting up the event as Co-Directors of Programming and Events. You won’t want to miss our last two events of this year!

When you come to our in-person events, do you get that warm and inviting welcome from Brooke Loesby, ICFLA Director of Memberships? Thanks Brooke for being that warm welcome to our members and community at our events. She’s often sitting there with Jane Drucker or Joe Pickard, our Membership Ambassadors who support our Membership efforts. Thank you!

Have you been to one of our Coaching Cafes? Then you might have been in a Coaching Cafe Conversation with Courtney Webster, Albert Castanon, Janice Reches, Paul Sanbar, or Vanya Koonce. Thanks Coaching Cafe Leaders for continuing these conversations in your local area!

I also want to thank Heather Backstrom, our Secretary Director, for supporting our Board of Director meetings. Thank you to Martin Zamora and April Hunter who both support our Board of Directors as our Virtual Assistants. Our newest member to the team is Nishtha Goel as our Ambassador of Sponsorships. We’re excited to have you on board!

All of this would not be possible without Courtney Webster, our immediate Past President, who paved the way for our awesome year. Our evolution as an outstanding chapter is currently standing on  the shoulders of our Past Presidents and their Board of Directors. A big thank you! I’m also grateful for Rachel Karu, our incoming President, and excited for all the amazing things she’ll be leading our organization through in the year to come. It’s been with both Courtney and Rachel’s support that have contributed to all our awesome success this year. THANK YOU!

As you can see, there’s lots that happens behind the scenes that makes the gears turn and wheels spin for ICFLA and the offerings you receive. So not exactly like the Wizard of Oz where the unveiling reveals a small man but rather a community of leaders working together to make this organization great for all of you!

Be a part of the change we are leading into and volunteer as an Ambassador today! Communications, Virtual Education, In Person Events, Membership, Sponsorship, Coaching Cafes are just a few areas where you can help out with. Contact us at info@icfla.org if you’re interested in any of these or just want to volunteer!

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