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President's Message

Rachel Karu, ICF Los Angeles President

September 2018


Rachel Karu

Happy September!

Wow is the year flying?!

Fall is just around the corner although those of us living in sunny California might not notice the changing of the season.

Good News and a Good Problem to Have

I am continued to be delighted and amazed at our chapter’s vibrant growth. Here are some specifics:

  • Since January we have gone from 333 to 391 members! I don’t recall the last time we had so many members.

  • Our chapter meeting attendance continues to grow by leaps and bounds. We averaged 40 participants in 2017 with some meetings as low as 29 participants. This year, with fewer meetings we are averaging 56 participants. Participation keeps growing. Our first meeting in 2018 was 39 people and our last meeting in August was 68!

  • We are averaging 15 walk-ins per chapter meeting.

This growth brings up some interesting challenges. Due to the continued increased attendance and walk-ins at our chapter meetings, we have been experiencing difficulties knowing how much food to provide, how many tables to rent, how many handouts to bring, etc.

For these reasons, we are implementing a new policy starting with the December 5th  chapter meeting to charge an additional $5 registration fee for participants that either register less than 24 hours prior to the event and/or for walk-ins. We appreciate your understanding and urge you to sign up as soon as you can to ensure we can provide the best experience possible at our meetings!

Board of Director Vote

Other exciting news is that our upcoming Board of Directors’ vote is about to take place. This is the time to let us know how you want to participate with us either as an Ambassador, Associate Director, or Director. We were delighted at the last chapter meeting when over 15 people raised their hands to express interest in volunteering. Since our chapter meeting some of folks have already committed to volunteer roles and others are still in conversation. You can find information regarding current volunteer opportunities here. Even better, kindly reach out to our amazing President Elect sarah.khambatta@gmail.com to schedule a chat to figure out the best way to contribute to our beautiful community.

Remember that it pays to play! We have various incentives for volunteers depending on the level you volunteer including free chapter meetings and ability to invite a guest to chapter meetings. You will have from 9/27 – 10/11 to vote electronically. Please be on the lookout and VOTE!

Give 2 Sponsorship Contest

For a limited time only, ICFLA offers you the unique opportunity to help us add sponsors in our Give 2 Challenge campaign. It’s easy. Give us 2 (or more) contacts at 2 different companies potentially interested in sponsorships to the Sponsorship Committee. If just ONE of your leads converts to a paying sponsor, we give you a $50 Amazon gift certificate. But if that is not enough of an incentive, we will comp your registration at an upcoming chapter meeting if you are in the LA area! Act fast as this offer won’t last! Offer ends October 31, 2018.

Thanks for making ICFLA such an amazing community! Enjoy the last days of Summer.

On we grow,


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