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President's Message

Yu-Lin Kong, ICF Los Angeles President

October 2017


Yu-Lin KongThe other day in my evening yoga class I looked out the window and noticed it was getting darker outside. As we move into the Fall season where the light of day gets shorter and shorter, this time of year I am especially reminded about gratitude and introspection.

While I'm not going to focus entirely on gratitude this month (I plan to save that for next month), I have been incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve as your President. This year has challenged, stretched, and changed me as a professional and as a human being. Constantly challenged by the contradicting priorities. Stretched to keep in mind the big picture while remaining in the present. Changed for the better, I hope. Some of the tools that have been helpful along the way have been remaining calm even when all the answers are not apparent. Sometimes it was also knowing when to say no and when to say yes. Thank you Damian Goldvarg, who's been my ICF mentor coach, for constantly being a reminder to me about my beingness of leadership for ICFLA -- these all have been wonderful tools along this journey.

I find myself also introspective about ICFLA as an organization. About this same time last year we were putting together our strategic plan. I am proud to announce that we've done an excellent job of raising awareness of the coaching profession to the local community and businesses, both through our Social Venture Partners program and International Coaching Week events. We’ve also focused on programming that features a diverse set of speakers and topics in both the life and business coaching realms. Thank you to our volunteers and Programming Directors: Susan Smalley, Sarah Khambatta, Matt Dickenson, Barry Bettman, and Elsbeth Tate, who made all of this possible. Our focus has also been on membership retention, putting together the infrastructure to provide a foundation for our thriving membership. Thank you to Brooke Loesby for championing these efforts. Both of these initiatives from our strategic plan are intended to uphold our mission of providing support, education, training, and resources to practicing and aspiring professional coaches, while actively promoting awareness of the coaching community at large.

I'm excited for closing out the 4th quarter strong and seeing what's on the horizon for 2018. As we near the close of this year and start ramping up for next year, Board of Director Elections are approaching. Our nominating committee is actively recruiting volunteers and filling board of director seats. We are currently looking to fill our Treasurer, Secretary, and Programming positions as well as greeters at our in person meetings, website support, sponsorship ambassadors and more. Let us know what talents and time (a little or a lot) you have to share and we’ll figure out a way for you to get involved with our community!! Email me at icflosangeles@gmail.com or send a FB. private message.

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