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President's Message

Sarah Khambatta, PCC - ICF Los Angeles President

March 2019


March is ICF Global’s Membership Drive!  

How can you use your ICF and ICFLA memberships to transform your coaching and create a greater outcome for yourself and your community in 2019? Click through the links below to find new reasons to renew your membership.

ICF Global benefits:   

Be part of a growing ICF global community of 120 Chapters in over 60 countries.

  • ICF Member Directory - Gain community, clients and recognition by updating your profile in the member directory.
  • ICF Research Portal - Utilize over 20,000 research documents and/or potentially apply to enter your research.
  • ICF Member Toolkit - Receive the ICF logo, brand manual, sample coaching agreements. Offerings updated regularly.

ICFLA benefits:

Be part of our award winning leading ICF Chapter with a membership of over 420 coaches worldwide.  Here are some of the many benefits you receive from ICFLA membership.

  • ICFLA Programming - Build community, education, partnership and earn CCEUS at many of our 10 online or in-person events monthly.
  • ICFLA Sponsorship -  Announce your program, school or tool at our Chapter meeting and be announced at our online events.

When you renew your ICF membership, please claim ICF Los Angeles Chapter as your Chapter, so we can receive a small recognition rebate.  This rebate helps us deliver programming, business opportunities and the types of resources you have requested in surveys.


  • ICF Global membership is billed annually. All memberships expire on March 31st of the following year.  ICF memberships are prorated based on the month you join.
  • ICFLA membership is also billed annually, based on the month you join.

Put your ICF and ICFLA memberships to work for you!  How can you utilize these resources to achieve your exciting, stretch goal that you are committed to creating this year?

As for Chapter activities, thanks again for your participation in the Chapter survey we sent out earlier this year. We are using your feedback and ideas to guide our programming and events.  We want to hear from you all year long, so look for the feedback forms after each program. Let us know what you love, what you want more of or less of, and if you have any great new ideas for us to consider!

Together with the Board of Directors and Associates, we’re aiming high in serving the Chapter in 2019!

Warm regards,

Sarah Khambatta, PCC
ICFLA President

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