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Teleclass Recordings

Learn from leading coaches how to market your coaching practice, how to get paid what you are worth, how to inspire clients to work with you, coaching strategies, how to use digital products, how to create awareness, and much more with ICFLA teleclass' recordings.

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The Coach As Speaker: How to Create A Masterful Coaching Presence

Denise Hedges PCC - Teleclass Recording

$ 5.00

Speaking to groups is the number one way to build a coaching practice, but only if who you’re being in front of the room is as present, authentic, and sincere as it is when you’re interacting with clients. In this interactive teleclass learn how to manifest a presence that’s warm and genuine, how to provide masterful coaching as you engage audience members, and much more.


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The Future of Marketing: Is There An Inspired Thought Leader Inside of You?

Lizabeth Phelps - Teleclass Recording

$ 5.00

Stand apart from everyone else with an original, provocative message that shatters old paradigms. When coaches lead with this kind of fresh, counter-culture message in their marketing they are able to build a profitable business. In this teleclass, coaches will learn the dramatic difference between their current brand messaging and the “Inspired Thought Leader” message. We will talk about what it takes to craft this message as well as how to be an “Inspired Thought Leader.”

"Thanks for a TERRIFIC presentation!"
- Jim Kermath

"Loved her energy. I so enjoy listening to a speaker who has great passion."
- Renee Taylor

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The Aha Trap: Why Is Awareness Overrated

Lyn Allen, MCC, PMC - Teleclass Recording

$ 5.00

This teleclass illustrates an often overlooked aspect of the Core Coaching Competency, Creating Awareness. Join us to learn the distinction between awareness and learning; how to move beyond awareness to learning; how this one concept is central to the effectiveness in your coaching, and much more. After this teleclass, you will get a clear understanding of how to serve your clients with simple techniques for explore and ground learning during the coaching session.

"Lyn gave a Masterclass in how to elegantly handle an ethical issue within a coaching framework, while ensuring she kept in integrity with her need to speak up and say what she needed to say."
- Carly Anderson, MCC

"Masterful coaching. The stepping back, reframing, slowing things down, was brilliant. Too often we can jump in and start 'figuring' things out before the entire, needed, conversation unfurls."
- Ciel Ellis

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The Art of Mindful Wealth

Leisa Peterson, MBA, CFP - Teleclass Recording

$ 5.00

Why do people worry more about going broke than dying? Learn the statistics behind a chronic problem facing more than 50% of people in the U.S and beyond, as well as the reason that conventional solutions often do not solve the problem. Plus, learn a systematic approach to mapping out and then breaking through your own and your clients’ wealth 'blocks'; a process for discovering your own and your clients’ personal definition of wealth, and much more!

"I was inspired by her in-depth knowledge and experience on the topic of wealth and impressed by her ability to answer complex questions with clarity and conviction. The presentation opened me up to exploring my beliefs at a deeper level than I have before."
- Lauren Graham

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What's Stopping You From Getting Clients...And What to Do About It

C. J. Hayden - Teleclass Recording

$ 5.00

What are the obstacles that prevent talented, dedicated coaches from building a thriving business? How do you know what you should really be doing to get clients? Why is it that others seem to be getting clients while you struggle? You can overcome marketing challenges like these and attract more clients with less effort by making a few simple changes. Don’t miss this teleclass and learn what works and what doesn't when marketing coaching services; how you may be sabotaging your own marketing; the three most reliable ways to build your business quickly, and much more!

"CJ, as always, you never disappoint. Thanks for your mention of related articles....I'll be sure to read those."
- Bryna Kaufman

"Very effective - well organized, articulate, accessible yet professional; encouraged interaction, gave lots of value along w things we can follow up on; reenergized me to start a “marketing habit”
- Kathy Burnett

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Clear the Path to Your Client's Higher Purpose

Audrey Seymour - Teleclass Recording

$ 5.00

Have you felt the longing to touch your clients at a deeper level and have a bigger impact? Have you felt frustrated with the resistance they face in reaching their hearts’ calling? Join us and learn why using higher purpose as a foundation for client goals leads to the best results; a detailed model of life purpose that translates directly into business applications; how to tell when clients and prospective clients have a purpose problem; 4 components of purpose that translate directly into business applications, and much more!

"Absolutely great Subject! Short time for such infinite Purpose! Greatly done! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Looking forward to hearing more."
- Fariba Shirazi

"Substantial presentation. Clear, deep and easy to understand."
- Ana Munoz


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How to Get Paid What You Are Worth

Dinah Snow - Teleclass Recording

$ 5.00

The 2012 ICF-Global Coaching Study revealed that the median income for coaches in North America is a mere $29,100. That means half of all coaches are making less than that! It's time to turn that statistic to finally make a great living as a coach. Discover the top 5 ways coaches sabotage their earning potential; how to recognize if your money “imprinting” is supporting or blocking you; the 7-step, coaching offer blueprint you must follow to welcome higher fees and enroll more clients, and much more!

- William Diaz

"Excellent presentation - love her style and knowledge and belief in this area."
- Teri Mello

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How Neuroscience Will Change the Way Your Clients Will Trust that Coaching Works

Ursula Pottinga - Teleclass Recording

$ 5.00

How do you explain to your clients that coaching works? Would you like to learn what helps (or prevents) your clients to change? Learn how stress slows down the process of learning and what we can do about it as coaches; why one of the most fundamental tools of coaching – asking powerful questions, helps the brain and why it contributes to client’s effectiveness. Learn easy ways to clearly communicate the science behind coaching and the reasons why coaching is effective, and much more!

"Fabulously informative presentation! Thanks so much for sharing."
- Judy Bowen

"Thank you for sharing the latest on neuroscience. I am fascinated with the subject. And thank you for introducing us to your wonderful tool to help clients find their "just right" balance."
- Lorraine Munoz

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The Ultimate Attraction Factor: What Inspires People to Become Your Clients

Katherine Bouglai - Teleclass Recording

$ 5.00

Have you ever wondered why some coaches become highly successful and others struggle for years before their practice fills up just enough to pay their bills? In this teleclass, learn what makes people naturally gravitate to you and express the desire to work with you, what separates a truly successful coach from a coach who is trying to be successful, how to have a successful start in your coaching business right now, and much more!

"You did a great job presenting the conference. Thank you for sharing you thoughts and feelings on such an important topic."
- Claudia Dresser

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Coaching in the Fire

David Darst, PCC - Teleclass Recording

$ 5.00

We've all heard the phrase "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen." But as a coach that's exactly the time to engage, not run. In this 90-minute class we will see how using the ICF Core Competencies of Coaching Presence and Creating Awareness are the perfect fuel to bring that fire to a roaring blaze of new information for your clients. From there, creation is new, exciting and easy.

"I loved the way David presented the information in a way that felt natural and easy. I loved the demo."
- Terry Yoffe

"Extremely well presented and very engaging. Very authentic and fully present."
- Elsbeth Tate


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High Impact Coaching Strategies with Leadership Research

Jennifer Konkin - Teleclass Recording

$ 5.00

What are the factors that drive superior performance in leaders? Learn about it with the Leadership Dashboard, a coaching tool developed from a nation-wide research study conducted by Jennifer Konkin. Discover key issues related to leadership including the 4 most impactful competency areas that predict performance for leaders, identifying the degree to which culture and environmental factors impact performance for leaders, and much more!


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Communicating Effectively: Setting Off Coaching Fireworks

Kim Ades - Teleclass Recording

$ 5.00

On this teleclass, Kim will explore the ICF core competency, “Communicating Effectively,” and will be applied in a live coaching demo. You will be exposed to a method of coaching that will allow you to achieve extraordinary levels of self-exposure and intimate dialogue at a relatively quick pace. Witness the impact of direct communication, active listening, and asking powerful questions in their best form.

"I want Kim to know that I not only appreciate the content of her session, but I have a greater confidence as a result of the session. I REALLY appreciated the session with her client and the debrief. Wonderful."
- Ed Kreiner

"Thank you and Amy for sharing yourselves and your coaching so that we could learn."
- Linda Nissenbaum

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How to Stop Chasing Clients One At A Time

Mark Lengies - Teleclass Recording

$ 5.00

WHAT IF ?…There was a fun and easy way for you to get a BUNCH of GREAT clients at a time! …They came to you, instead of you chasing them. …And they gladly paid you what you’re worth! …Is it possible to earn more with less time and effort?? Yes!!! Join Mark Lengies and Discover the The #1 secret to earning more with less time and effort, and much more!

“Very organized and polished, yet not too 'slick' - well done.”
- Kathryn Burnett

“Outstanding presentation and wonderful helpful information.”
- John G. Kurutz, PhD., MCC

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How to Expand Your Coaching Business by Coaching Social + Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Laura Belsten - Teleclass Recording

$ 5.00

Receive an overview of social + emotional intelligence, and clarity about why it’s important to your clients (both the business case and the health and wellness case) for enhancing social + emotional intelligence. Learn 26 distinct competencies, and how you can set up a complete 6 – 12 month coaching program for your own clients around those competencies.

"Well done! This was my first conference call with you and it far exceeded my expectations."
- Sheila Mullen

"Very good presentation! Loved the EI you displayed and modeled during the call."
- Wendy Ramsey

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