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Teleclass Recordings

Learn from leading coaches how to market your coaching practice, how to get paid what you are worth, how to inspire clients to work with you, coaching strategies, how to use digital products, how to create awareness, and much more with ICFLA teleclass' recordings.

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Jill LublinGet Known Everywhere
Jill Lublin

Discover how to be the #1 Influencer in your industry by gaining more credibility and getting bigger media visibility. Based on her international bestseller, “Guerrilla Publicity,” Jill Lublin shares simple strategies to help you understand what the media is looking for, so YOU and your Coaching Brand can stand out, get noticed and go from unknown to newsworthy. In this teleclass learn how to get instant techniques to boost your visibility; how to drive prospects and profits to your practice, and much more!



Adam MarkelUsing Pivot Principles to Coach Clients in Their Business & Life Transitions
Adam Markel

Come learn a powerful 2-part process for pivoting or reinventing some area of business or life that will assist you to help your clients embrace change, build their resilience muscle and create sustainable success. In this teleclass, Adam will cover a very specific 2-step process: Clarity and Momentum. Additionally, this tele-class addresses important distinctions to more broadly work within the ICF core competencies addressed in Establishing trust and co-creating the relationship, Active listening, Direct communication and Creating awareness.



Ken Mossman, CPCC, PCCThe Integrated Adult Man: Rediscovering Creativity, Power, Wonder and...Fun
Ken Mossman, CPCC, PCC

In our culture’s rush to excel and produce results, our clients - and sometimes we, their coaches - unconsciously shed, forget or marginalize important aspects of Self that are vital to functioning in the world as conscious adults. In this teleclass learn to sharpen your ability to hear the voice of your own - and your client’s - inner child; how bring additional playfulness and wonder to your coaching; how to play with different aspects of self to deepen your client’s experience and discovery, and much more!



Ron Renaud, CPCC, PCCUncompromised Coach: The Science and the Art of Coaching
Ron Renaud, CPCC, PCC

Masterful coaching is the result of rigorous clarity, exquisite presence and the ability and willingness to perceive and apply wisdom. In this teleclass, we’ll stretch and wrestle with the permissible bounds of coaching, exploring both the science (the structure) and the art (the unfolding) of coaching and how they blend to create consistent masterful coaching. This teleclass will address important distinctions to more broadly work within the ICF core competencies addressed in Coaching Presence, Active Listening, and Creating Awareness, specifically balancing the need for both facilitating the client’s self-discovery with naming broader perspectives.



Julie Winkle GioulioniHelp Them Grow or Watch Them Go
Julie Winkle Gioulioni

Many clients seek out coaching in response to disappointing career results. They feel like they’re stagnating. Their talents are being overlooked or underutilized. In most cases, part of the challenge resides within the individual. And, as a professional coach, you are well-equipped to guide a process of self-discovering that can lead to greater effectiveness. Learn how to help clients re-think what career development is and how it operates in 2018; how can you facilitate them toward finding growth and engagement; how can you support clients in shifting their focus from ‘what they want to be’ to ‘what they want to do, and much more!



Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCCStaying Out of Ethic Hot Waters: How Ethical "Gray Area" Situations Can Turn Into Black and White Breaches of Ethic Codes - Part 2
Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC

Ethics specific training includes a review of ethical gray area situations that could turn into a black and white breach of code if not aware. This ethics specific teleclass is focused on: Understanding ethical “gray area” situations and how to move through them consciously and course correct if necessary; a process for working through ethical gray area situations to determine the best path; breakout sessions with “hands-on” learning, diving into coaching dilemmas with a small team; hands-on experience with the ICF Code of Ethics improving your ability to interpret the code of ethics and its application.



Damian Goldvarg, Ph.D., MCCICF Core Competencies: A Closer Look at the Differences Between ACC, PCC, and MCC
Damian Goldvarg, Ph.D., MCC

In this teleclass, we will explore the ICF Core Competencies and the similarities and differences regarding ICF expectations for new, experienced, and master coaches.  By the end of the session participants will be more knowledgeable about core ICF competencies, how they are implemented in the coaching work and what is the coaching philosophy and values for ICF. By understanding ICF expectations, coaches will be able to implement new competencies with their clients.



Fierce Coaching: Advanced Techniques for Dismantling the Client's Saboteur Strategies
Jeanine Mancusi, CPCC., & Shannon Kelly, CPCC, PCC

Even Masterful coaches can get duped by their client’s saboteur. Learn how to recognize the voice of the Judge, Trickster, Outlaw, Madwoman, Dark rage, Debt collector, and Dark lover in your clients. This training is for coaches to help them recognize 7 unique voices of the saboteur and how to coach the client to dismantle the obstacles put in place by the saboteur.






Gary HensonWhat Your Clients are Looking for by Having a Relationship with You
Gary Henson

How do we know if we are delivering what our clients want and need? Should we ask them? Do we give them the permission to critique our coaching and let us know how we are measuring up to their expectations? How do we know for sure? Attend this important Teleclass and find out exactly what your clients love most about your coaching and how you can leverage your relationship with them to find high paying clients.



Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCCClients Breakthroughs: Coaching with the Discomfort Zone
Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC

The foundation of masterful coaching depends on two things: presence and courage. In this session, you will learn how to go beyond transactional, results-focused coaching to using transformational, awareness-based, breakthrough coaching where clients see themselves and the world around them in a new way. Learn what are the most common coaching fears; take a look at the power of disruption in coaching when mental shifts occur; and finally, learn about the latest research on “therapeutic presence” and to use it in your coaching.


Deanna MurphyThe Strength Strategy of Feed the Need: The One Thing Every Client Needs to Know to be Highly Engaged & Effective
DeAnna Murphy

Coaching to your clients’ strengths is extremely powerful! Forbes recently identified the Clifton StrengthsFinder as the #1 assessment to use in coaching with leaders. However, this tool is significantly under-utilized as many coaches and leaders are not sure how to get the maximum return in using it.  In this teleclass, learn tips and strategies for using the StrengthsFinder more effectively in your coaching, and especially to help your clients know how to change their lives through the strategy of "Feed the Need".


Will Sharon, CPCC, MSWDreams: The Power of Leveraging Your Coaching
Will Sharon, CPCC, MSW

Virtually all cultures prior to the modern age valued dreams as part of the human experience. As coaching reclaims this experience for our clients we demonstrate how the fundamental tools of active listening and asking powerful questions provide the client with the confidence to access and understand the different elements of dream messages. In this teleclass, learn how to use the basic coaching tools of active listening and asking powerful questions to help the client access the message of their dream through the co-creative process; learn how to help their clients remember and document their dreams, and much more!



Renaye ThornborrowLife Coaching Isn't Just for Grownups: The Skills All Kids Should Learn Before the Age 10
Renaye Thornborrow

When faced with challenges or disappointments, most kids don’t have the tools to handle them. Coaching isn’t just for grownups.  It’s a game changer for our youth when they learn how to break through limiting beliefs and proactively create supportive beliefs to help them thrive.  In this teleclass coaches will learn about three mindset skills that all kids should learn before the age of 10 and how they can use stories and activities to coach kids (the skills work for grownup clients too). If you are a parent with kids, have clients who are parents, or you work with kids or want to work with kids, this teleclass is for you! 



Pat Barone, MCCRocking Your Clients to Permanent Change: Go Deeper with Absolute Confidence
Pat Barone, MCC

Change is wonderful and exciting, but is it temporary or permanent? As a survivor and proponent of permanent weight loss, Pat Barone began her coaching career looking for meaningful, permanent change for her clients. As she developed her own method of helping clients reconnect to their bodies, she was led to training as a Soul Awareness Healer, which supports and augments her coaching. In this teleclass learn how to help clients deepen into greater awareness to promote permanent change, the concepts of clients’ and coach’s energy and what’s really happening beneath the surface, and much more!



TSUFITHow to Step Into the Spotlight by Making Smart Choices!

It’s noisy out there! Making it in today’s overcrowded marketplace depends on more than just being a competent coach. Succeeding depends less on having 367 coaching credentials and more on the ability to capture the scarcest commodity of all—your audience’s attention! The biggest challenge for any coach is attracting clients. The best way to attract clients and fans is to step into the spotlight and get noticed & maybe even get known.  In this powerful interactive session, you’ll learn: How to attract coaching clients with a few simple changes in how you present yourself; How to distinguish yourself from other coaches; How to step into the spotlight so you can attract rather than chase new clients, and much more!



Quantum Leap Your Leadership Coaching
Ann Farrell, CPCC, PCC, MSCCC

Leadership Coaching and Development is the number one area that corporations and organizations engage external coaches for support. Whether leadership coaching is part of your service offering or you are focused on helping individual clients to achieve their personal, life or career goals, elevating our coaching skills in this area can have significant impact and results. This teleclass will provide you with a leadership coaching framework as well as specific evidence-based coaching paths to close the opportunities for growth as a leader you and your clients may identify in your work together.



Victor Lee Lewis & Patti DighHow Do You Coach "a Racist"?: Two Keys for Effective Coaching
Victor Lee Lewis & Patti Digh

Coaching never takes place in a vacuum ….there is always a context, and our current context requires coaches to increasingly navigate complex differences in assumptions, values, beliefs, and approaches to work and life. Building the skill of cultural humility will help you handle the eventuality that there will always be things you won’t know when engaging with clients different from yourself. In this teleclass, we will focus on five ICF core competencies that are most directly affected by diversity: Ethical guidelines and professional standards, Establishing trust and intimacy, Active listening, Powerful questioning, and Direct communications.




Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCCStaying Out of Ethical Hot Water: How Ethical Gray Area Situations Can Turn Into Black and White Breaches of Ethics Code
Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC

Ethics specific training includes a review of ethical gray area situations that could turn into a black and white breach of code if not aware. This ethics specific teleclass is focused on: Understanding ethical “gray area” situations and how to move through them consciously and course correct if necessary; a process for working through ethical gray area situations to determine the best path; breakout sessions with “hands-on” learning, diving into coaching dilemmas with a small team; hands-on experience with the ICF Code of Ethics improving your ability to interpret the code of ethics and its application.


Tara Butler Floch, PCC, CPCCNiche in a Nutshell: 
Tara Butler Floch, PCC, CPCC

When we look at the thriving coaches that are MOST successful, they almost always have a clear Niche and Ideal Client. This presentation will help demystify the concept of Niche and help overcome common fears and misconceptions that hold coaches back from taking the deep dive into a niched coaching practice.  In this presentation you will learn: The three aspects of a true Niche; the common misconceptions about Niche and what’s really true; the benefits to you AND your clients to choosing a niche; how to establish credibility in a newly chosen market niche, and much more!



Jason Sackett, PCC, LCSW, CEAPWhen Coaching Sessions Go South: Managing Conflict in the Moment
Jason Sackett, PCC, LCSW, CEAP

No matter how skilled and conscientious you are as a coach, if you work in the profession long enough, at some point a client will suddenly and unpredictably take offense to something you say or do, get angry, and confront you. Coaches attending this teleclass will learn how to identify your instinctive responses to confrontation and eliminate reactions that re-arm a client’s anger; become grounded in the face of conflict to enable sincerity and focus on the client; communicate empathy for the client’s perspectives and feelings, and much more!



George Kao

Authentic Marketing for Coaches: Grow Your Client Base via Generosity & Integrity
George Kao

Many of us feel inundated by marketing strategies that, unfortunately, feel disingenuous at best, and manipulative at worst. The approach taught by many business "gurus" can feel to us coaches to be pushy, brash, and slick. In this content-rich class, expert marketing coach George Kao will illuminate an authentic path to spreading your message to the right people and gaining new ideal clients for your business. Learn how to effectively spread your message and expertise online; how to enroll clients authentically -- in a way that makes prospects feel cared for, and much more!



Josh Allan DykstraA New Approach to Strengths for a New Year
Josh Allan Dykstra

Using “strengths” at work is a familiar idea, but is there MORE we could do with it? Could a fresh approach to strengths even help us "future-proof" our leaders and companies. This teleclass specifically addresses the ongoing education needs of coaches by providing a fresh approach to a familiar topic (strengths-based development and positive psychology). Presenter Josh Allan Dykstra will show you how to take the strengths approach to the next frontier, tap into the energy that overlaps with a person's true calling, and help make our organizations ready for tomorrow.




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