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Learn from leading coaches how to market your coaching practice, how to get paid what you are worth, how to inspire clients to work with you, coaching strategies, how to use digital products, how to create awareness, and much more with ICFLA teleclass' recordings.

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Ann Kruse, JD, MSOD, CPCC, ACCYour Corporate Contract - More Than a Piece of Paper
Ann Kruse, JD, MSOD, CPCC, ACC

When you embark on a coaching engagement for an organization, you are taking on a unique challenge: juggling relationships with both the organization and your client. A key part of the juggling process is your contract. It's much more than a piece of paper written in legalese. In this teleclass learn: What is a contract? Why having a contract? What should be included in it? How to use it to protect your legal rights and to comply with the Code of Ethics. 



Linda Landon, PCCIgnite Your Coaching Using Human Design
Linda Landon, PCC

Do you ever feel like you’re not quite in synchronicity with your client and you start to doubt yourself as a coach? In this teleclass learn about Human Design, a cutting-edge personality assessment tool that can help you better understand yourself – and your client! Linda will introduce you the five Human Design Types and Strategies. You will run your own chart, and learn how to run charts for your clients. She will also show you how to use your unique strategy to be more authentic, and…. communicate with your client in a way that they feel seen and heard, and deeply understood! 



Damian Goldvarg, Ph.D., MCCTrends in Coaching: Coaching Supervision
Damian Goldvarg, Ph.D., MCC

In this teleclass, Damian will define coaching supervision, explain the differences with mentor coaching, and lead in an exercise to reflect on a client. By the end of the session participants will be able to: Understand the differences between supervision and mentor coaching according to the ICF, become familiarized with the Seven-Eyed Model of supervision developed by Hawkins, participate in an exercise applying the Eye Model with a client, and much more!



Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCCStaying Out of Ethical Hot Water from Conflicts of Interest - Part 2
Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC

Conflict of Interest can sneak up on you before you are aware. This Ethics session will review the various types of conflict of interest, specific conflicts of interest to be aware of in the coaching industry and how to manage conflict of interest should it arise. We will dive into some coaching specific conflict of interest dilemmas to sharpen your awareness around conflict of interest.



Shell Tain, PCCOh My GOSH! A New Relationship with Money?
Shell Tain, PCC

Most of us, including our clients, are really challenged dealing with money. Money Coach, Shell Tain, will be sharing a ‘no number crunching’ involved, ‘in the moment’, money tool with us. Like the perfect little black dress we’ve all sought, it’s simple - yet elegant.  You will learn an easy way to get really clear on what you or your clients are up to with money. As Shell says, since ‘Money is reflective, not causative’, exploring it gives us some interesting clues about what else is going on in our lives.



Francine Campone, Ed. D., MCCReadiness for Change: Meeting Your Clients Where They Really Are!
Francine Campone, Ed. D., MCC

What do you do when a client promises action and does not follow through with it? How do you know how much of a stretch goal is really a stretch for a client? How do you motivate a client who is required to get coaching?  Knowing and understanding the model of stages of readiness for change offers tools and strategies for addressing these challenges. Francine will present the Prochaska and DiClemente model of stages of readiness for change and discusses ways coaches can use coaching presence, active listening, and powerful questions to generate client awareness, motivation, and action planning. 



Nanci Adair, ACC, LCPC, CCSRetire Your Inner Critic
Nanci Adair, ACC, LCPC, CCS

Would you be mortified if others could hear the self-demeaning dialog you carry on with yourself in the privacy of your own mind? Nanci will share with you stories of self-doubt from leaders of our time and from history, like Oprah Winfrey and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Cecily Tyson.  In her book, Achieve The Summit of Your Dreams, and through UKandu coaching, Nanci introduces ‘feet on the ground’ strategies to turn your dreams into reality. Nanci will help you create your vision of success, and harness your personal power to get your big dreams off the back burner.



GET REAL: Powerful Questioning Coaching Intensive
Karen Sullivan, PCC., & Jenn Barley, PCC

How ready are you to take your coaching to the next level? How willing are you to walk your talk? In this interactive and fun teleclass, Jenn and Karen will be facilitating an impactful interaction into coaching techniques and lead a discussion about the “power” of powerful questions. One person will be the client and participants will have the opportunity to ask powerful questions. They will give you feedback — giving you direct access to two different coach approaches, hear other coaches and help you find your own style of ICF Core Competency #6 Powerful Questioning.



George SwanLaughing Your Way to a CAN-DO Attitude
George Swan, MPH

Now a retired hospital administrator, George explains how his career has been laced within the framework of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Better yet, this framework can be held as a hierarchy of values, or consciousness of “S” (Survival, Safety, Social, Self-Esteem, Self-Transcendence).  Performance at each level can be developed logically until reaching Self-Transcendence, where we can “flip” from “me” to “We.”  The same hierarchy applies to a group, organization, community, country or even the whole planet.  Very useful for coaching individuals as well as organizations.



Micki Berg, Ph.D., PCCRevisiting the ICF Core Competencies to Achieve Your Coaching Excellence
Micki Berg, Ph.D., PCC

This experiential and interactive teleclass is with the purpose of encouraging participants to refresh, hone in, and practice the critical ICF Core Competencies which underscore our success as coaches. It is also designed to  encourage self-awareness and validation of what we do well in our coaching practices, and how we can increase our effectiveness by refreshing our understanding of ICF Core Competencies.



Julie Wolk, CPCCRooting Your Business So it Can Thrive: 5 Essential Foundations
Julie Wolk, CPCC

Do you feel disorganized or unfocused in your business? Are you trying to figure out how to prioritize all the marketing things the “internet” tells you to do? And yet still you find that you don’t have a full client roster? The Roots of your business are the key foundations that, when clear, make everything in your business easier, like speaking confidently about what you do, knowing what the heck to put on your website, figuring out the best places to find your ideal clients, and knowing exactly you’re selling to people.



Staying Out of Ethical Hot Water with Solid Coaching Agreements
Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC

Did you know that approximately 40% of ICF Ethics complaints would not be processed if coaches had proof of a solid coaching agreement and coaches adhere to their own agreement? Is your coaching agreement up to date and covering all aspects of your coaching business?This ethics session will provide a high level review of the important components of a coaching services agreement and how a solid coaching agreement can support you to stay out of an ethical conduct review process.



Kimberly Gonsalves, ACC, CPCCLeverage Your Coaching Skills to Support Parents: Maximize Learning and Reduce Stress
Kimberly Gonsalves, ACC, CPCC

Parents need many of the same skills coaches use every day! Leverage your coaching skills to support your clients in one of their most important roles: as parents. This teleclass will equip you to share basic coaching skills your clients can apply to the challenges of parenting (and any other relationship). Learn several practical exercises you can share with clients to help maintain strong relationship even when correction is needed, to invite critical thinking skills and self-awareness, to tame run away emotions when tempers flare, and much more!



Helen House, MCC, CPCC.Putting 'Naturally' back in Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole
Helen House, MCC, CPCC.

There is a profound difference in coaching that occurs when one believes clients are POSSIBLY Creative, Resourceful and Whole and when one believes clients are NATURALLY Creative, Resourceful and Whole. In this class, we’ll explore and challenge this idea. As we see what emerges from Possibly versus Naturally, everything can shift; how you establish trust and intimacy, when you refer a client to other professionals, what questions you ask, what you hear when you listen, and how you show up as a coach both with the client and in the space between sessions.



Leslie Zucker, MA, CPCC, ACC.Deliver Workshops That Bring in Clients
Leslie Zucker, MA, CPCC, ACC.

Need to bring in new clients to your small business?  Enjoy teaching or training but it doesn't pay the bills?  This teleclass is for coaches and entrepreneurs who have a hard time meeting their prospective clients and finding an appropriate platform for describing their work. In this teleclass, you will learn to determine if your workshop idea is a viable way to find and meet client prospects; how to choose the RIGHT workshop as a marketing tool for your business; learn exactly how to lay a solid foundation for a workshop that brings in clients, and much more!



What to Do with a Prehistoric Brain
Maria Nemeth, Ph.D., MCC.

Join us in this teleclass as Maria Nemeth provides practical and pragmatic tools and tips to help your clients overcome the negativity bias as the first response to anything new or different. Learn how to help people see their greatness and bring it all to life, learn how Maria’s Luminous Life Method turns wisdom into practical skills to help you serve your clients with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. Don’t miss this unique presentation that covers Core Competencies on Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client, Coaching Presence, and Creating Awareness.



Karen Cappello, MCC5 Steps to Building a Cash-Flowing Coaching Business
Karen Capello, MCC.

So many coaches are really good at coaching, and when it comes to building a consistent cash-flowing business, it can be a struggle for them. In this teleclass, learn a set of proven simple steps to leverage all your experiences to build your coaching business the right way, learn to generate the success you deserve, learn how to get to the tipping point to make your work pay off, and much more!



What Does 'Intuition' Mean in the Context of Coaching
Annie Gelfand, MBA, CPCC, MCC., & Fran Fisher, MCC.

It is said that intuition is always correct but not our interpretation of it. Part of our job as coaches is to honor our intuition in service of creating awareness for our clients as well as moving them forward in some way. Clients come to coaching for change. Annie and Fran will co-facilitate a creative exploration of INTUITION in the context of coaching. In this teleclass learn What is INTUITION? How does your INTUITION show up in your coaching conversations? When are you leading the client with your INTUITION? And much more!



Tracy Currie, CPCCThrough the Lens - How Photography Can Sharpen Your Coaching Skills
Tracy Currie, CPCC

Holding a camera with the clear intention of taking a picture, we immediately shift our awareness.  Our focus and that of the camera zooms in on what we see and want to photograph.  In this teleclass, we will explore the camera and photography as a means of sharpening our coaching skills. This does not require us to be professional photographers or artists.  We need no more equipment than a smartphone.  We merely need to be open and curious as we try this way of expression.



Tracy Stevens, MCC, CMCCThe Power of Masterful Coaching Conversations
Tracy Stevens, MCC, CMCC.

All masterful coaching conversations have a common foundation and framework that is replicable. They are customized to each client’s needs while establishing the coaching conversation as unique to other conversational interactions. Masterful coaching conversations utilize an organic approach that co-creates trust, a natural flow of exploration, discovery, and awareness that encourages clients to take action and achieve sustainable results.



Not Attracting Clients? Learn to be a Rock Star Marketer in Your Coaching Niche
Stephan Wiedner, ACC.

When you look at your marketing material, does it lack that punch that other coaches seem to have? Are you just not getting the love and attention you deserve because your copy seems so generic and bland? In this teleclass, learn how to be a rockstar marketer, learn the 5-key elements of a powerful marketing message, participate in a website copy group feedback, and much more!



Coaching the Leader Within
Karen and Henry Kimsey-House

In this teleclass, Coaching pioneers, Henry and Karen Kimsey House, founders of CTI (the Coaches Training Institute) and co-authors of industry best-selling books Co-Active Coaching, and, Co-Active Leadership, discuss how coaches can better understand and nourish leadership development in their clients. By shifting the orientation towards the 'leader within', coaches can offer their clients a motif, onto which they can map their most powerful inner resources, as a vehicle for deepening their acceptance of their most essential self.



More Clients, Less Marketing: How to Create More Leads and Income by Doing Less
Mary Cravets

Is your business running you? With so many marketing options, it's tempting to try to do it all... but that only leads to frustration and overwhelm, NOT results. In this teleclass learn how to identify the best marketing strategies for your business , why doing less marketing will give you more results, the costs of making the most common marketing mistakes and how to avoid them, how to reduce or even eliminate resistance, wasted time, and learning curves in your marketing efforts, and much more.



Coaching for Engagement: How Clarity and Strategy Empower Satisfaction
Jonathan E. 'Jeb' Bates,

Leaders in organizations are always talking about employee engagement and how it relates to productivity, execution and retention. However, most organizations (and your clients inside them) miss the boat when it comes to engagement because they focus on the wrong things. When your client is clear about their real core needs and can be strategic and creative about their choices, they can achieve great satisfaction in their work and life. In this teleclass, you'll learn how to help your client get real clarity about what engages them and create an empowering strategy to get themselves what they really want.





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