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Tuesday, December 19th / 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific

Your Corporate Contract: More Than a Piece of Paper

Presented by: Ann Kruse, JD, MSOD, CPCC, ACC, Executive Coach
CCEUs Available - 1.0 CCEU for Core Competencies in Ethics

Ann Kruse, JD, MSOD, CPCC, ACC

When you embark on a coaching engagement for an organization, you are taking on a unique challenge: juggling relationships with both the organization and your client. A key part of the juggling process is your contract. It's much more than a piece of paper written in legalese. In this teleclass learn: What is a contract? Why having a contract? What should be included in it? How to use it to protect your legal rights and to comply with the Code of Ethics.  Register today!

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