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ICFLA Master Series Teleclass

Coaching to Enable a Growth Mindset

with Andrea Derler, Ph.D.

Thursday, January 10th, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific

CCEs Available: 1.5 CCEs for Core Competencies

Teleclass is FREE to attend. CCE Certificate is Free to ICFLA Members, or $22.50 for non-Members and guests.


Andrea Derler, Ph.D.

Change is the new normal, and technology has begun to transform the way we live and work. Some of the smartest organizations in the world have begun to prepare their workforce to manage change by teaching a growth mindset.

This teleclass introduces one of the top talent trends to the audience: growth mindset as a competency everyone can develop.

It relates to the the following Core Competencies:

1. Creating Awareness: Coaches benefit from an understanding of two fundamental types of mindset a learner can be in: a state of a fixed or a growth mindset. Helping the client understand how detrimental a fixed mindset can be, and how beneficial at growth mindset can be for their learning and development, is a critical first step on the path to further development. A fixed mindset puts the learner in a “threat response” in the face of feedback, challenges or failure, and hinders their growth potential. In contrast, a growth mindset helps the coachee think about challenges as learning opportunity, helps them be more open to learning and resilient.

2. Planning and Goal Setting: A coach can enhance a growth mindset in the coachee by asking the right questions in the right way. For example, while a fixed mindset approach would look for perfection rather than progress, or would be judgmental rather than looking for growth potential, the growth mindset approach helps the coachee answer questions in a way that can lead to a shift in thinking about the future, learning and continuous development, and learning from others versus trying to be the expert.

3. Managing progress and accountability: Coaching towards a growth mindset is very empowering for the learner. An individual in a state of growth mindset will not be afraid to ask for honest and frequent feedback from others, and as they are not worried about failure and mistakes, be brave and empowered to own their own development. Progress tracking and taking charge of their own development is an outcome of a growth mindset. The coach can enhance this attitude towards empowerment by shifting the client’s focus towards their own willingness to be an empowered learner.

Decades of scientific research has shown that the human brain reacts differently to change when in a state of growth mindset. While individuals in a state of fixed mindset tend to avoid constructive feedback that may help them learn and develop, those with a growth mindset are open to, and able to integrate feedback, and thereby increase their intrinsic motivation to learn and perform.

In this session, the presenter Andrea, will share:

  • What makes growth mindset such a powerful enabler of change
  • Why organizations enable their managers to coach team members with a “growth mindset" approach
  • How both coaches and coachees can develop and enable a growth mindset to help. Specifically, by focusing on:
    • Becoming aware of their innate attitude towards improvement and growth
    • Considering perceived failures and criticism as learning opportunities
    • Focusing their developmental path on progress rather than perfection

Andrea Derler, Ph.D. is NeuroLeadership Institute’s Director of Industry Research. In her role, Andrea produces science-based, practical insights about people in organizations. Mrs. Derler collaborates with clients, consulting and academic researchers to conduct quantitative and qualitative research with and about organizations around the world, primarily on talent and leadership topics.

Andrea is a widely publicized researcher and trusted advisor to talent and business executives in Fortune 500 companies. Her work has appeared in the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, the Leadership & Organizational Development Journal, and more…

Mrs. Derler holds a doctoral degree in Economics with a focus on Leadership & Organizations, and a Masters in Philosophy.

Learn more about Andrea. 

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This Event is no longer available for registration.

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