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ICFLA Master Series Teleclass

Rock Your Coaching Business Using ICF Core Competencies: How to Use Your Coaching Skills to Build a Successful Coaching Business

with Curtis & Kat Knecht, SOUL DRIVEN SUCCESS

Thursday, July 11th, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific
CCEs Available: 1.0 CCE for Core Competencies / 0.5 CCE for Resource Development


Teleclass is FREE to attend. CCE Certificate is Free to ICFLA Members, or $22.50 for non-Members and guests.


Curtis & Kat Knecht

Did you start out your quest to be a coach with a passion to have a positive impact on your clients and make a difference in the world?

Does some of that passion get lost when it comes to the business side of things? You may not be aware of how your coaching skills can your very best marketing and sales allies.

The really good news is that you can use your coaching skills and the ICF core competencies to deepen your coaching mastery and market your coaching business!

A marketing message can use the special type of communication you have learned as a coach. Your sales conversations can convey to potential clients the inspiration they need to pursue their dreams.

In this lively interactive teleclass you will learn how to take the ICF coaching core competencies and use them in all your interactions with potential clients as well as gain a deeper understanding of each competency and its purpose for you as a coach.

Here are just a few of the competencies we will explore:

  • Establishing the Coaching Agreement - Set up sample sessions or consultations with clear agreements and transparency. Let people know they will receive value and you will talk to them about what you offer. 
  • Coaching Presence - This competency is magical when interacting with people in person at a business or social event. When you pay attention to who people are and let them know you see them they will want to know more about you! This is also essential in a consultation. 
  • Communicating EffectivelyActive Listening - This can happen and many points in the marketing and sales cycle. Tuning into your niche to hear what their problems really are. Offering insights that let them know you see them in a deeper way. 
  • Powerful Questioning - Nobody likes to be sold to! Nobody likes to be talked at or to feel pressure. Often marketing and sales can feel like this. With powerful questions you can have your potential clients looking to themselves for answers about their dreams.

Kat Knecht, CPCC, PCC
I started my life coaching business with a passion to change the world! My vision was to empower women in their work in a way that allowed their full self-expression and feminine strengths to be utilized.

I loved this work and knew enough about business to make a living as a life and relationship coach for many years. I was also hired as a leader for the Coaches Training Institute for their business development program back in 2002. I later began leading their Co-Active Certification program, a job I enjoy to this day.

I love working with these coaches and it inspired me to create programs that support professional coaches to build successful businesses

To expand my joy and my impact in the world, I became an ordained interfaith minister in 2016.

I have now brought it all together - my life’s lessons, my experience in business and my spiritual wisdom - to create a Business Academy that helps professional coaches succeed in business in a way that fulfils their soul’s purpose.

Curtis Knecht, LMFT, CPCC

I was a licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist for many years, worked hard and was successful at helping people heal from childhood wounds and traumatic events.  Eventually though, I knew something was missing in this work.

I believe we are all called to continually expand into our highest selves, to have a meaningful impact in the world. I wanted to help people achieve that. I learned about life coaching and became certified as a CoActive Coach in 2001.

I worked for years to integrate the two modalities into an offer that helps people face and heal from emotional pain and then move forward into a purposeful life.

On a personal level, I found I needed to heal myself in order to help others. I went on a spiritual quest that has included Native American ceremonies, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Buddhism and New Thought spirituality I’ve learned a ton about how to support and guide others on the journey of the soul.

I used to believe that “success” meant selling out on my soul.  But my soul kept calling me to the importance of having greater positive impact in the world, ironically enough, by being successful as a business person doing meaningful, heart-based work!

The greater the business success, I learned, the greater the positive impact with others.

Kat and Curtis 
As a team, we integrate the practical wisdom from the three modalities of coaching, spirituality and therapy to deliver the programs at the Soul Driven Success Business Academy.

When we landed on the idea and philosophy of soul driven success, we knew this would be our legacy work: to guide people in the way we had been guided - to be successful at a business that has a positive impact, a business that inhabits soul driven success.

In our Academy Programs, we show professional coaches how to align their soul’s purpose with proven business strategies so they can stop worrying about “getting clients” and start enjoying the heart-based work they love. 

Learn more about Curtis and Kat at www.SoulDrivenSuccess.com



This Event is no longer available for registration.

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