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ICFLA Master Series Teleclass

Courageous Coaching with Emotional Intelligence

with Desiree Briel Rodi, MBA

Wednesday, May 8th, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific
CCEs Available: 1.5 CCEs for Core Competencies

Teleclass is FREE to attend. CCE Certificate is Free to ICFLA Members, or $22.50 for non-Members and guests.


Desiree Briel Rodi, MBA

This teleclass will provide a first-hand experience of the value and power of active listening, and the foundational connection between EQ and coaching. In addition, you will learn skills to improve your coaching, move from the “what” to the “who” and deepen your client’s awareness to empower them to create change.

To me, good coaching involves improving the Client’s EQ. As a coach, we partner with the client to journey through the 4 pillars of emotional intelligence - building their self-awareness, empowering them to engage in self-management, creating social awareness, and allowing them to create ownership and change through relationship management. A quintessential connection of EQ and coaching is this element of Active Listening. With increased skills in Active Listening, the coach is able to build and manage their own awareness as well as creating a greater capacity to partner with the client to build awareness through “use of self”, and empower the client to create action towards change. Through Active Listening, the coach has the power to help the client move from the “what” to the “who” and take the engagement to a deeper level of discovery.

In this teleclass, we will build a foundation in EQ and the connection to coaching, and practice the art of Active Listening to:

  1. Build awareness, presence and mindfulness
  2. Improve ability to listen for themes and opportunities to paraphrase, ask powerful questions, and create awareness
  3. Listen for and track feelings in the client and simultaneously track feelings in self/coach

Presentation Learning Objectives

  • To understand the connection between coaching and EQ
  • To build skills in active listening – creating awareness, improving ability to paraphrase themes, to hold and manage own feelings and thoughts while listening for and tracking the feelings of the client, and to use this information to go deeper into the “who”
  • To build awareness in the coach as well as the client, and further the possibilities for “Use of Self”

ICF Core Competencies covered:

  • Communicating Effectively
  • Active Listening
  • Powerful Questioning
  • Direct Communication

Facilitating Learning and Results

  • Creating Awareness
  • Designing Actions
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Managing Progress and Accountability

Adaptable, bold, fiercely determined, and resilient, Desiree leads with authenticity and courage. Her mission is to help individuals and groups define a path of growth and purpose. Desiree inspires others to look inward toward their unique insight and intuition, to act with integrity and intention in order to have the desired impact.

Desiree harnesses the power of Emotional Intelligence to drive awareness, action and accountability to support companies and individuals seeking change, authenticity and purpose.

Sought after speaker and facilitator, Desiree finds great satisfaction in helping others to become their best, while simultaneously pursuing her own path towards excellence. Desiree has worked in higher education administration at Princeton University. In Seattle, Desiree worked in non-profit management, and at Brooks Sports in people & business strategy. She launched the talent acquisition and placement segment for uniquelyHR (now Reverb) winning clients from the local Seattle tech sector.

In 2018, she founded Desiree Briel Rodi Consulting & Coaching to pursue the intersection of EQ and Coaching and to provide services to support companies and individuals seeking authenticity, growth and purpose. In her professional endeavors, she has worked with clients such as Amazon, Nordstrom, Riot Games, Laura Mak Fitness, Brentwood Presbyterian Preschool, and Overland Avenue Elementary School (LAUSD), to name a few.

She holds a B.A. in Art and in American Studies from Yale University, an MBA with Honors from Seattle University, where she continues to assist with graduate leadership courses, and a Certificate in Evidence Based Coaching from Fielding Graduate University. Desiree is an active member of the LA Chapter of the International Coaching Federation.

Learn more about Desiree. 

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn


This Event is no longer available for registration.

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