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ICFLA Teleclass

The Strengths Strategy of "Feed the Need": The One Thing EVERY Client Needs to Know to Be Highly Engaged & Effective

with DeAnna Murphy
Wednesday, June 20th, 11:00 AM Pacific
CCEs Available: 0.5 CCE  for Core Competencies & 0.5 CCE for Resource Development

Teleclass is FREE to attend. CCE Certificate is Free to ICFLA Members, or $15.00 for non-Members and guests.


Deanna Murphy

Coaching to your clients strengths is extremely powerful! Forbes recently identified the Clifton StrengthsFinder as the #1 assessment to use in coaching with leaders. However, this tool is significantly under-utilized as many coaches and leaders are not sure how to get the maximum return in using it. "Feed the Need" is one of many coaching Strengths Strategies that help you use strengths as a tool to recover from toxicity and frustration and operate at peak effectiveness and efficiency.

Specifically, her teleclass helps you see:

  1. How a deeper understanding of strengths can reduce the likelihood of your strengths becoming flipped into weaknesses;

  2. How your strengths define the conditions under which you flourish;

  3. How knowing the needs connected to your strengths help you to create your own conditions to operate from high energy and performance.

This teleclass will give you some tips and strategies for using the StrengthsFinder more effectively in your coaching, and especially to help your clients know how to change their lives through the strategy of "Feed the Need". The Strengths Strategy of Feed the Need is designed to support and deepen client awareness and increase a coaches' ability to ask powerful questions that evoke new learning. Understanding "Feed the Need" allows for new insightful and provocative questions that can deeply awaken clients' ability to proactively shape conditions for their own effectiveness through increased application of strengths.

Core Competencies:

This teleclass will directly relate to Competency #8: Creating Awareness - and also empower Competency #6: Powerful Questioning.

Coaches will be able to come to coaching with brand new insights about how to leverage StrengthsFinder 2.0 in coaching, in ways they likely have never considered before. It will point them toward how strengths can be turned unknowingly into weaknesses through the unmet needs connected to them - and how needs can be discerned and met using strengths.

DeAnna Murphy is a a Top 100 Global Coaching Leader award winner, and 17-year coaching veteran with over 2,000 hours of coaching. She is the creator of the Strengths Strategy Coaching methodology, which includes 25 cutting-edge tools, skills, models, and ideas to help coaches more impactfully leverage strengths with their clients, including a validated employee engagement assessment tool that was recently presented at the International Positive Psychology Congress. She is the author of Shift Up! Strengths Strategies for Optimal Living, and is a top-rated ICF and SHRM conference speaker. DeAnna is the CEO of People Acuity, which has over 400 coaches and facilitators in 34 countries across the world.

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