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ICFLA Master Series Teleclass

Uncompromised Coach: The Science and the Art of Coaching

with Ron Renaud, CPCC, PCC

Wednesday, October 3rd, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific
CCEs Available: 1.5 CCEs for Core Competencies

Teleclass is FREE to attend. CCE Certificate is Free to ICFLA Members, or $22.50 for non-Members and guests.


Ron Renaud, CPCC, PCC

We all know that masterful coaching doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of rigorous clarity, exquisite presence and (dare I say?) the ability and willingness to perceive and apply wisdom. In this unique session, we’ll stretch and wrestle with the permissible bounds of coaching, exploring both the science (the structure) of coaching and the art (the unfolding) of coaching and how they blend to create consistent masterful coaching.

This tele-class addresses important distinctions to more broadly work within the ICF core competencies addressed in
  • Coaching Presence
  • Active Listening,
  • Creating Awareness,
specifically balancing the need for both facilitating the client’s self-discovery with naming broader perspectives. Learn what master coaches are up to that helps them create such great results.

For over 20 years, Ron Renaud CPCC, PCC, has traveled the world coaching thousands of people, from athletes and Fortune 100 executives, to men in recovery to live their lives on their own terms, to live what he calls, “Uncompromised."

In his book by the same name, he teaches that taking 100% responsibility for every aspect of one’s life is the only way to a life of freedom, which ultimately leads to the fulfillment we each want.

Likewise, for almost 20 years, Ron has taught coaching skills worldwide but as family life calls (four teenagers!) he’s begun to limit his travel — keeping his workshops, Uncompromised Talk and Uncompromised Coach in NYC and Boston. All of Ron’s work is focused on helping people see and live-out the required conditions and principles for each person to experience the freedom and fulfillment each knows to be her/his natural right.

Learn more about Ron. 




This Event is no longer available for registration.

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