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October 26, 2017, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM Pacific Time
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O' my GOSH! A New Relationship with Money?

Shell Tain, PCC

Thursday, October 26th, 11:00 AM Pacific

CCEUs Available: 1.0 CCEU for Core Competencies

Teleclass is FREE to attend. CCEU Certificate is Free to ICFLA Members, or $15.00 for non-Members and guests.


Shell Tain, PCC

Most of us, including our clients, are really challenged dealing with money. Money Coach, Shell Tain, will be sharing a ‘no number crunching’ involved, ‘in the moment’, money tool with us. Like the perfect little black dress we’ve all sought, it’s simple - yet elegant. You will learn an easy way to get really clear on what you or your clients are up to with money. As Shell says, since ‘Money is reflective, not causative’, exploring it give us some interesting clues about what else is going on in our lives. Additionally looking at money is an amazing way to delve into the Core Competencies of Creating Awareness, Planning and Goal Setting as well as Managing Progress and Awareness.

ICF CCEU Core Competencies:

  • Creating Awareness
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Managing Progress and Awareness

Shell Tain, the Untangler, PCC, is a credentialed professional certified coach (PCC), a money coach who knows how to help people make changes. As an Accountant/Controller for many years, Shell gained first-hand money experience in everything from "start-ups" to mid-sized companies. She knows that improving the way you are with money isn’t about number crunching. Her coaching focuses on how your feelings, beliefs, and attitudes about money affect your progress in fulfilling your goals. Working with Shell improves your confidence and effectiveness with money. Shell helps you find a way out of your money knot.

Learn more about Shell:

Website - LinkedIn





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