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Teleclasses and Virtual Programs Frequently Asked Questions

General Information:

Conference System and Call Information

Teleclass Recordings:


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General Questions

Who can attend?
All are welcome, but we do cater to coaches, coaches-in-training, and those who are curious about becoming a coach. Back to top

What does it cost to attend?
Most of our virtual programs (teleclasses and webinars) are available to ICFLA Members, Community Associates and Guests at no cost. If you would like to receive CCEUs, we offer CCEUs at no cost to ICFLA Members. Community Associates and Guests pay a nominal fee of $15 per unit (e.g., a 60-minute teleclass yields 1 CCEU Unit; a 90-minute teleclass yields 1.5 CCE Units).

Depending on your telephone service, your location, or your method of dialing into the conference service, you may pay a toll fee or a long-distance fee to your telephone carrier. This is outside of ICFLA’s control. Back to top


Conference System

What conference service do you use?
For most of our virtual programs, we use an advanced conferencing service called MaestroConference (www.maestroconference.com). When registering for an ICFLA virtual program (teleclass or webinar), you will register on ICFLA’s website AND register directly through MaestroConference. The only time MaestroConference will contact you is when providing you with information about the program for which you’ve registered (unless you opt-in with MaestroConference to receive information about their service). This double registration process is required in order to provide the best possible features of MaestroConference.

We may occasionally use an alternative service, such as FreeConferencing.com or GoToWebinar.com. We will provide troubleshooting guidance, as needed. Back to top

I’m having trouble joining a teleclass or virtual program. Who do I contact?
If we are using the MaestroConference platform, then go to http://maestroconference.com/gettingin to troubleshoot the most common problems, including:

  • Alternate phone numbers
  • How to join via Skype, Google Talk, or other VOIP methods
  • How to join from outside of the U.S.
  • If you experience other problems, such as an invalid PIN, a busy phone line, a dropped call, or static
  • If you want to report an issue to Maestro Conference

If we are using an alternate service, we will provide troubleshooting information, as needed. Back to top

Can I call from outside of the U.S.?
Yes. Most attendees from outside of the U.S. use Skype or another VOIP (Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol) service, and some use long-distance calling cards. Back to top

Are teleclasses recorded? Will I have access if I cannot attend the live teleclass?
Our teleclasses are recorded, and active ICFLA members are given access to teleclass recordings through the Teleclass Recordings webpage in the Members section of the website.

Community Associates and Guests may purchase individual teleclass recordings. Back to top



What is a CCEU?
CCEU Stands for Coaching Continuing Education Unit. One CCEU is equal to 60 minutes (1 hour) of education.

ICFLA primarily provides continuing education opportunities to coaches who are either renewing or upgrading their ICF credential, or applying for their first ICF credential. Check directly with ICF Global for more information about using CCEUs issued through ICF chapters. Back to top

Can I get CCEUs for listening to a teleclass recording?
The ICF allows coaches to accrue a limited number of “self-study” CCEUs, which includes listening to recordings of our teleclasses. These “self-study” CCEUs fall under the category of Resource Development. Instead of receiving a CCEU Certificate directly from ICFLA for “self-study” CCEUs, you validate your “self-study” work when you fill out your ICF Global renewal application. Learn more about renewing your credential and accruing “self-study” CCEUs. Back to top

Can I get free CCEUs if I am a member of ICF Global or another ICF chapter?
No. ICFLA is part of the ICF, but we are also a separate organization with our own board of directors, membership directory, educational offerings, and expenses. Membership in ICFLA is beneficial for coaches who want access to CCEUs, quality continuing education, a thriving and engaged community of coaches, as well as other benefits. To learn more about ICFLA membership, please go to http://www.icfla.org/Public/Join/index.cfm. Back to top

What are the requirements for qualifying for CCEUs?
The ICF requires “live” attendance at qualifying virtual and face-to-face events in order to earn CCEUs. You must attend the ENTIRE event; partial attendance disqualifies you from requesting CCEUS, even if you attended 95% of the program. Also, partial CCEUs are not available (e.g., you cannot attend half of a teleclass and then request ½ of the CCEUs).

ICFLA does not provide CCEUs for listening to teleclasses or other event recordings. Learn more about accruing CCEUs. Back to top

I didn’t get my CCEU Certificate. What do I do?
After you fill out the CCEU Request webpage, you should receive your CCEU Certificate immediately in your email InBox. If not, here are the most common reasons why, and what to do about them:

  1. Check your spam and junk folders. 99% of the time, missing CCEUs go there. Make sure you add the following ICFLA addresses to your “safe sender’s” list in your email or spam application: webmaster@icfla.org, and office@icfla.org.
  2. If your email is associated with a large company, they may have blocked ICFLA’s email because it’s sent through an auto-responder system. The best solution is to provide us with a personal email address when registering for teleclasses. Contact webmaster@icfla.org for help with this.
  3. You entered an incorrect email address in the CCEU Request form.
  4. Your Certificate got “lost in cyberspace” (this does happen, although it’s rare).

If you do not find your CCEU Certificate in your junk or spam folder, send an email to webmaster@icfla.org and include the following information:

  • The name and date of the teleclass
  • Confirmation that you already checked your spam/junk folder.
  • Your name and correct/alternate email address.
  • If it’s been more than 30 days since the teleclass, there is a $5 fee for processing a duplicate Certificate. Our VA will contact you if the fee applies. Back to top

I lost my CCEU Certificate or I never received it. What do I do?
You are responsible for tracking and storing your own CCEUs. Every time you request a CCEU Certificate, immediately verify that you have received it. 99% of the time, CCEU Certificates are missing because they get routed by your email provider into a spam or junk folder. Always check there before contacting ICFLA.

If you lost your Certificates because your computer was stolen or because your hard-drive crashed, we encourage you to backup all of your files.

We can replace previously issued CCEU Certificates for a small $5/Certificate administrative fee. Send an email to webmaster@icfla.org and list the event names and dates for all of the replacement Certificates you are requesting. Back to top

Can I get CCEUs for a past teleclass, even though I didn’t originally request a CCEU Certificate?
No. There is a short timeframe after each qualifying event (usually 1-3 days) to request your CCEUs. We provide instructions for requesting CCEUs during our programs and in our communication with you. Back to top


ICF Los Angeles Membership

Can I become an ICFLA member if I don’t live in the Los Angeles area or if I already belong to another chapter?
Yes. You may join as many chapters as you’d like, regardless of where you live in the world and regardless of how many other chapters you belong to. ICFLA has a modest membership fee of $90.00 per 12-month period. Back to top

What are the benefits of ICFLA membership?
Learn more about joining ICFLA. Back to top



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