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ICFLA Member Event: Sugar Babies: The Original Sweetness Program™

May 1, 2018, to May 22, 2018
Location: Webinar

Longtime Executive, Career and Wellness Coach Dr. Miriam Reiss offers this powerful event.


Have you ever seen a baby that wasn't sweet? We're captivated by babies' shining eyes, delight, joy, and ongoing sense of curiosity and wonder.

As our parents and the world had its way with us, we lost our Original Sweetness™ and taught ourselves to self-medicate with sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave and more to cover the places inside that felt hurt, wounded, empty, not enough or craved approval from others. As the years passed, we became attached, even addicted, stubbornly holding that nothing and no one should take our sugars from us. We may drink purified water and eat organic food but, chances are, our definition of health still requires sweet "treats."

What if you could restore Original Sweetness™ to your life?

Now there's a way to connect with your Sweetness and Body Intelligence™ on a whole new level. Our Body Intelligence is brilliant, and wants our self-honoring. When we try to negotiate with or flat out override its specific wants and needs, our body expresses itself initially with mild disturbances and, over time, with disease.

The next, four-week Sugar Babies™ Group starts Tuesday, May 1, 7 pm-8 pm Pacific time. The Group includes:

  • Four, weekly classes filled with original material not available elsewhere,
  • Weekly guided meditations designed to pinpoint early sugar patterning, awaken Body Intelligence™ wisdom and much more,
  • Group and individual coaching support,
  • A comprehensive set of practical tools for accessing Body Intelligence systems, including muscles, organs and glands,
  • Resource lists for personal use,
  • Calls will be recorded, if you’re unable to make a call,
  • Weekly fieldwork designed to accelerate greater body/mind awareness, cooperation and alignment, plus
  • A 45-minute, Original Sweetness™ One-on-One Coaching Consultation to powerfully integrate individual learning and positive next steps.

The fee for the entire, four-week Original Sweetness™ Program intensive is only $199 payable by PayPal, miriam@wisdomcoaching.com. Webinar and coaching details supplied upon registration.

Curious? Check it out at a complimentary, Intro call and get your questions answered:

  • Feb. 27, 7-8 pm, call in: (515) 739-1216, access code: 699879
  • Mar. 6, 7-8 pm, call in: (515) 739-1216, access code: 699879
  • Mar. 13, 7-8 pm, call in: (515) 739-1216, access code: 699879
  • Mar. 20, 7-8 pm, call in: (515) 739-1216, access code: 699879

Dr. Miriam Reiss is a 20+ year, MCC-Level Professional Coach (Master Certified Coach), certified by the International Coach Federation. She has coached thousands of people in her executive coaching and private coaching practice. Miriam's professional coach training includes five coach training programs. She is a graduate of the first-ever, USM Professional Coaching Program and has trained many coaches.

Eligible event participants: Anyone

Are there any prerequisites to attend this event? No

  • Begin date of event: May 1, 2018
  • End date of event: May 22, 2018
  • Event Starting Time: 1 hour, 0 minutes, starting at 7 pm
  • Event Ending Time: 1 hour, 0 minutes, ending at 8 pm
  • Time Zone: GMT 08 Pacific Time
  • Event Frequency: Repeating Event, Weekly at the time indicated on the day of the week of the starting date

WHERE is the event?

Event Location* Webinar
Event Telephone* (515) 739-1216, access code: 699879

How does one REGISTER for the event?

Type of Registration: Off Site
Website URL for Registration: www.Paypal.com, payable to miriam@wisdomcoaching.com
Pre-Registration Comments & Instructions:
Handouts, etc. to be supplied upon registration.

Who is the main CONTACT for the event?
Contact Name* Dr. Miriam Reiss
Contact Phone* 323-319-5353 (no texting)
Contact email: miriam@wisdomcoaching.com


Event Item
Sugar Babies: The Original Sweetness Program™
  $ 199.00


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