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ICFLA - Newer Coaches (Evening) SIG

Leader: Keith Miller
Guest Speaker: Melissa Maher
Date: Tuesday, July 17th
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 PM Pacific Time

Topic:  Newer Coach or a stuck a bit? - Learn and explore as we connect with those who have walked across the coals.

Location: Virtual Meeting via Zoom.us

"A unique Zoom video link will be provided for each session upon registration. Be sure to register every time you plan to attend to receive the updated link.” 

Upcoming dates: 

  • September 18th
  • November 20th

Intro New Coaching (Evening) SIG

Why attend?

Are you curious to know HOW others created their personal success formula towards a thriving coaching practice?

What would you ask them?

Because you will have that chance on our calls!

Curious to know how they felt, and how they navigated forward anyway? What did they do to get out of their own way?

Want to feel connected to the courageous journey we are all on?

Our calls will be 30 minute of content, and discussion, followed by a coach guest; a professional coach whose success has more recently expanded, a seasoned coach, and a coach who is at the senior stage of her/his career...sharing her/his own personal ‘way.’

How often do you have such a rich interaction available from such an authentic place? Come and feel the love, connection, and generosity.

During this session, we will jump in from where we left off, in a question and expansive answers format from Melissa, with her insights of 'What worked for her when her journey began, what would she wished she had done differently, and questions of this nature’.  Again, expect interaction with you and the group.

Melissa’s Bio:
Melissa Maher is a Certified Professional Coach trained through the ICF-accredited Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (where she also had the joy of serving as an assistant trainer with the wonderful Keith Miller for several years), with a background as a yoga teacher and holistic nutritionist and, prior to that, as a 9-5 employee in a few soul-sapping jobs that ultimately led her onto the intuition-driven, contribution-oriented, freedom-drenched path she’s been on as a coach since 2010.

Melissa has been a dedicated Vipassana meditation and mindfulness practitioner since 2006 and is currently completing a 2-year Mindfulness Meditation teacher training program under the guidance of wise and beloved teachers Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.

As a Mindfulness Coach, Melissa helps smart, self-aware, “successful-on-paper” women reconnect to the present moment and to themselves, connecting to deeper levels of peace, joy, and freedom as they go.

You can find more about Melissa’s work at www.melissamahercoaching.com, on Instagram or on Facebook.

Keith Miller, PCC, ELI-mp; past president ICFLA

Keith loves coaching and believes ‘Nothing feels better than being of service to another human.’
Keith has been a lead ICF trainer for over 10 years and currently coaches executives who want to create a shift within themselves, and within the culture they lead. Keith supports executives to be at the ‘cause’ of their life and work experience, instead of being at the ‘effect.’

“When our self perception is in alignment with the Highest Truth, we have the ability to lead by ‘Believing in others, by inspiration, by what’s right as the way of leading’ and magically, the leaders’ experience and the organization’s culture is joyful.”

This Event is no longer available for registration.


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