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Name Sarah Khambatta
Business Address
Business Address
United States
Business Website
Business Website
Biography Sarah Khambatta is a personal development and leadership coach at Dreams Transform Reality.

Sarah took a circuitous route to becoming a coach. She was a theater actor for years and loved the character analysis aspect of acting. It was exciting to ponder questions like, "What did this person experience that made her respond in this way today?" "How does he feel and is he aware of his feelings?" "What happened, and what made her change?" While it was thrilling to play the character onstage with others, it was really the research and development of the character that most intrigued Sarah.

After experiencing feast or famine as an actor, she decided to work in the corporate world in the sales arena. She began working with leaders such as Chairmen, CEOs and Presidents. Sarah again utilized her ability and interest in people themselves, not the products being sold. She learned a key lesson that relationships sell products, not the products themselves. And what builds relationships is questions and conversations. Sarah brought her actor's insight and keen curiosity to her sales position and tripled her salary overnight. Decision makers bought her product from conversations (and exciting questions!) that began with golf, children, college and cupcakes.

Sarah's fascination with people brought her full circle back to theatre. She has also taken her passion for character development and parlayed it into a career in personal development.

Sarah maintains a private practice in Los Angeles, CA. She supports her clients in living out loud and producing results they previously thought impossible. Sarah is known for her powerful insight, caring nature, and ability to motivate people to create permanent change for the better. Her approach helps her clients move swiftly through their blocks and into action. With Sarah's coaching, clients have doubled their income, created new careers, built strong and loving marriages, and developed strong leadership. And always, she creates possibility through a new way of being and seeing in the world.

"Since being coached by Sarah, I have accepted a promotion, increased my income by 50% and received the largest bonus of my life! Even more noticeable than that is the peacefulness I now carry with me throughout my day. I am deeply happy to be combining my role as President of a healthcare system while also seeing patients -- the best of both worlds for me.

From the beginning, I wanted my Managers and employees to be fulfilled, and due to changing MY communication style, from my coaching with Sarah, they are now empowered to do the job they were hired to do. This is truly a miracle!" - President of Healthcare System

For more information, please go to: www.dreamstransformreality.com


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