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Name Jane Drucker
Business Name
Business Name Inner Journeys Coaching
Business Phone
Business Phone (818) 571-4931
Business Address
Business Address
United States
Business Website
Business Website
Other Information
Other Information I try to be "a credit to my community" in as many ways as possible. I am excited to have served on the Board of Directors of ICFLA as the Co-Chair of Membership. I have also served on numerous committees with my synagogue, I have been a member of the Board of Trustees of the Colony Theatre in Burbank, California (an Equity theatre), and as a Board member, Corresponding Secretary, and Bylaws Committee Chair on my local Neighborhood Council. In Los Angeles, Neighborhood Council Board members are elected officials serving in an advisory capacity to the Los Angeles City Council. In 2008, I was thrilled to be able to marry my wife, Leesa Freed.
Biography Jane Drucker, Ph.D., PCC is the founding explorer behind "Inner Journeys Coaching". In her coaching practice, she focuses on helping women in transition create wellness and authenticity in their life, relationships, and work. Her clients discover how they can thrive while providing healing for others. She coaches physicians and healers, psychotherapists, life coaches, and other healthcare professionals. She also coaches family or professional caregivers of the disabled or seriously ill or dying.

In coaching, Jane’s clients design positive goals that bring their careers, home life, spiritual natures, and creative desires into a functional and satisfying balance. Many of her clients are at that elusive place called midlife, and they are taking a closer look at how to make their lives truly rewarding. Others have been stunned by a devastating illness and need to re-envision life.

As a coach and guide to others on their own "Inner Journeys" Jane has brought her professional expertise, personal commitment, and sense of humor to each and every client to support them in achieving their very best for over two decades.

Jane holds advanced degrees in counseling psychology and special education, and she is certified by the ICF at the PCC level. In addition to being a certified coach, Jane is a writer, author, and seminar/workshop leader. In the past, she has worked as a teacher, learning specialist, psychotherapist, and network television censor.

Jane is excited to have served on the Board of Directors of ICFLA as the Co-Chair of Membership. She has also served on the Board of Trustees of the Colony Theatre in Burbank CA, and as a Board member and Committee Chair on her local Neighborhood Council.

Jane believes we are on this earth to show up as our Authentic Selves and to be of service to others. It is her ongoing intention to improve the world so that her journey will leave a positive impact on those whose lives she has touched.
Experience I have been a Coach for well over a dozen years, becoming certified bythe ICF in 2007 and achieving PCC level certification in 2009. I also have years of professional experience in special education, psychotherapy, and writing, and I have even worked as a censor for a major TV network.
  • Vision / Life / Personal Purpose
Hobbies & Interests
Hobbies & Interests Beside the ubiquitous "long walks on the beach" (which I do love for exercise and spiritual rejuvenation), I enjoy reading whatever crosses my path, live theatre, cinema, ballroom dancing, yoga (Hatha and Kundalini), swimming, snorkeling, and traveling to spend time with my far-flung family and friends.


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