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Name Mary C Miller
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Business Address
United States
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Business Website
Other Information
Other Information At every moment, people make choices. This is true in all aspects of life - at work, at play, at love, at anger, and in every other emotion, decision, and action whether conscious or not. Coaching provides individuals and organizations with the opportunity to increase their awareness of themselves, their choices, values, and beliefs. Coaching generates conscious accountability for the outcomes of each decision. This leads to creation of more effective strategies and actions on the journey to professional and personal goals. Really great coaching stretches a person to do more than complete a series of transactional steps to a finish line . . . really great coaching transforms and evolves the individual or the organization in a holistic manner.
Biography Mary C. Miller, J.D., PCC, SPHR, SHRM-SCP has been coaching executives, managers, emerging leaders, and forward-thinking individuals since 2001. She brings unique perspectives to her clients based on her past experiences including her work as an attorney and a human resources executive. Mary quickly identifies and develops the transformative potential within each client. She stretches clients to generate insights into themselves, to expand their skills, and to explore all the possibilities open to them. Her organizational/business coaching strategies include leadership and organizational development, strengthening management skills, improving emotional intelligence, and increasing effective communication, particularly listening abilities. Mary has broad industry experience in both coaching and consulting with an emphasis on wholesalers, retailers, media, engineering, services, government, and non-profits. She has worked with organizations at all stages from start-up to mature/exit, ranging in size from small to multi-site/multi-state/multi-country operations.

Mary particularly enjoys helping progressive organizations be more effective through development of their leaders and managers. This, in turn, enables lasting success in the marketplace of ideas. These entities include businesses that produce and/or sell ‘green’ products and services, non-profits that improve the environment and people’s lives, and organizations that integrate sustainability and social responsibility into their daily operations. Although Mary no longer practices law, she maintains her license in California and Oregon.
Experience Executives and managers at all levels for leadership development and increased performance, plus management skills improvement; business evolution; professionals with advanced degrees; coaching to increase emotional/social intelligence and effective communication; coaching in conjunction with 360 and other assessment tools; staff designated as key and “emerging leaders” for development; individuals in career transition both within and outside of organizations; individuals in life transitions; ad hoc coaching in disciplinary situations. Mary also offers group coaching, including her Best Boss Ever™ group coaching program, for teams and executive groups; group coaching usually includes use of the DiSC™ and other assessments.
  • Leadership Development
Hobbies & Interests
Hobbies & Interests Sustainability and the ‘Green Economy,’ Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics, Neuroscience, Organic Gardening, Gourmet Cooking, Traveling, Reading, Writing, Hiking, Pampering my companion animals
Current Projects
Current Projects • Executive leadership coaching at the National Science Foundation, Peabody Institute (part of Johns Hopkins University), and elsewhere • Leadership coaching for the U.S. Customs & Border Protection in conjunction with a 360 assessment tool • Executive coaching for legal, finance, and HR professionals
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