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Name Ellen Cohen, JD, MBA, ACC, BCC
Business Name
Business Name Ellen Cohen Coach, JD, MBA, ACC, BCC
Business Address
Business Address
United States
Business Website
Business Website
Other Information
Other Information In the past, I noticed students who blurted out answers, constantly forgot homework, missed application deadlines or put off studying for tests. At work, I saw people who neglected to organize their financial records, file tax returns or forgot to pay their bills. As a board certified coach, I discovered that I can help clients avoid many of these pitfalls before they become serious problems. I am passionate about helping clients manage their lives better so that they can experience more success & less stress and frustration.
Biography I coach those with ADD/ADHD and others who have challenges with procrastination, managing time, focusing, planning or organizing. Typically clients feel overwhelmed, distracted or disorganized. Many are unsure how to start a project; are routinely missing deadlines or misplacing items; or are regularly running late or forgetting.

I coach college & post-graduate students and working adults.


-BCC CERTIFICATION (Board Certified Coach) from the Center for Credentialing & Education that maintains guidelines for coach conduct & ethics, & requires continuing coaching educational credits to maintain certification.

- ACC CERTIFICATION from the International Coach Federation - also has established guidelines for coach conduct & ethics. Continuing coaching educational credits also are required to maintain certification.

- CEC CERTIFICATION from the College of Executive Coaching (program only for those holding advanced degrees)


- MBA DEGREE (with distinction) in Finance


-BOOK: I co-authored "Managing Your ADHD: Tips and Strategies From A to Z" - an easy to read resource to find strategies to address common ADHD challenges.

Experience I have coached for over 10 years & coach professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and other working adults, as well as, college & postgraduate students (e.g. law/medical/business/Phd students, etc). I am also....a Mentor Coach and...have co-written a book about ADHD strategies, "Managing Your ADHD: Tips and Strategies From A to Z."
  • Organization / Time Management
Hobbies & Interests
Hobbies & Interests I am a member of: ........CHADD (Children & Adults with ADD/ADHD) - national & local chapters........ ACO (ADHD Coaching Organization)........ICF (International Coach Federation) - national & local chapters........Board of Governors - Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles........Founding Member, Pan Am Museum Foundation.


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