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Welcome to ICF Los Angeles

The ICF Los Angeles is a leading chapter for coaches in the west coast with a membership base of more than 350 coaches from all over the world.

In 2013, our chapter delivered more that 25 teleclasses, monthly chapter meetings and The Virtual Coaching Expo providing more than 1,200 CCEUs to coaches who attended these events from all corners of the US and countries as far as Dubai, Norway, and many others.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and join our chapter to become part of an exciting and active community of coaches.

Start growing your coaching practice today!

Upcoming Events

Leisa Peterson, MBA, CFP
Damian Goldvarg, PhD.


The Art of Mindful Wealth 

with Leisa Peterson, MBA, CFP.

Wednesday, October 22nd - 11:00 AM Pacific

ICFLA and ASTD Present:

Ready to Expand Your Coaching Practice On A Global Level?

with Damian Goldvarg, PhD.

Thursday, October 23rd, 7 - 9 PM Pacific

Why do people worry more about going broke than dying? Learn the statistics behind a chronic problem facing more than 50% of people in the U.S and beyond, as well as the reason that conventional solutions often do not solve the problem. Plus, learn a systematic approach to mapping out and then breaking through your own and your clients’ wealth 'blocks'; a process for discovering your own and your clients’ personal definition of wealth, and much more!

Join Dr. Damian Goldvarg, as he brings a breadth of knowledge and experience of trends in global coaching to the American Society of Training and Development’s (ASTD) Los Angeles Chapter meeting. Dr. Goldvarg will lead an interactive evening with conversations about global trends in coaching such as coaching supervision, external vs. internal coaching and coaching skills for managers.


Lyn Allen, MCC, PMC.
Marni Battista


The Aha Trap: Why Awareness Is Overrated

with Lyn Allen, MCC, PMC

Thursday, November 6th, 11:00 AM

November Chapter Meeting

Planning and Goal Setting

with Marni Battista

Wednesday, November 19th,  6:30 PM

This teleclass illustrates an often overlooked aspect of the Core Coaching Competency, Creating Awareness. Join us to learn the distinction between awareness and learning; how to move beyond awareness to learning; how this one concept is central to the effectiveness in your coaching, and much more. After this teleclass, you will get a clear understanding of how to serve your clients with simple techniques for explore and ground learning during the coaching session.

Join us and learn how coaches can create effective coaching plans and development goals using the Journey Approach to create coaching packages based on the transformation that a coach promises to deliver. Learn how to create coaching packages that keep your clients working with you for the long term, learn how to correctly name your coaching plans, learn how to look at the cycle of transformation to create the framework for your coaching packages, and much more!


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