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Welcome to ICF Los Angeles

The ICF Los Angeles is a leading chapter for coaches in the west coast with a membership base of more than 350 coaches from all over the world.

In 2013, our chapter delivered more that 25 teleclasses, monthly chapter meetings and The Virtual Coaching Expo providing more than 1,200 CCEUs to coaches who attended these events from all corners of the US and countries as far as Dubai, Norway, and many others.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and join our chapter to become part of an exciting and active community of coaches.

Start growing your coaching practice today!

Upcoming Events

Coaching Globally
Ursula Pottinga, CPCC, PCC

Special Event

Coaching Globally

- Presented by Center for Nonprofit Management and ICF Los Angeles

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Master Series Teleclass

How Neuroscience Will Change the Way Your Clients Will Trust That Coaching Works

- Presented by Ursula Pottinga, CPCC, PCC

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gaurav Arora (India), Olga Pang Stein (Germany), and Laura Fierro Evan (Mexico), successful executive coaches, will share their experiences with their clients presenting case studies. Don´t miss the opportunity to learn from these extraordinary coaches from all over the world about what they do and how they do it.

How do you explain to your clients that coaching works? Would you like to learn what helps (or prevents) your clients to change? Learn how stress slows down the process of learning and what we can do about it as coaches; why asking powerful questions helps the brain and contributes to client's effectiveness, and much more!


Foundations of Leadership - Carrie Kish, CPCC

Coaching Cafe Conversations

August Chapter Meeting

Foundations of Leadership

with Carrie Kish, CPCC

Wednesday, August 20th

Coaching Café Conversations

Join us this month:

July 22nd - July 23rd (1)
July 23rd (2) - July 25th

You are a leader even if you don’t know it. You have leadership roles in your family, at work, in your community and in the world. Strong leadership skills are essential for executives, non-profit leaders, managers, sales teams, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and much more. Come join us and learn how to use the foundations of leadership, and what it takes to be an exemplary leader.

The Coaching Café Conversation is a relaxed, friendly and informal way for you to meet other coaches from your area and explore the many rewards and challenges of coaching. It is also a great opportunity to make new connections and expand your network of coaches with whom you can exchange information and referrals. Check here all upcoming dates.


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