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Welcome to ICF Los Angeles
Welcome to ICF Los Angeles, a leading ICF chapter with a membership base of more than 350 coaches from all over the world.

Register for ICFLA’s teleclasses, follow us on FacebookTwitter or Linkedin and learn about ICFLA membership to become part of an exciting and active community of coaches.

Upcoming Events

Dr. Lois Frankel
Nick Night

February Chapter Event 

Brand Yourself as a Trusted Advisor

with Dr. Lois Frankel

Wednesday, February 17th, 6:30 PM Pacific


IMPACT: Product Strategies and Solutions that work 24/7 to Grow Your Coaching Business

with Nick Night

Wednesday, February 17th, 11:00 AM Pacific

Coaching effectiveness is squarely contingent upon three things: (1) your readiness to be the vessel that can facilitate client movement from where they currently are to where they want to be; (2) your ability to develop a respected professional brand in the communities you want to serve; and (3) your understanding of how to add value to your clients by being more than just a coach or consultant, but rather being a trusted advisor on a wide array of matters.

Dr. Lois Frankel, international best-selling author and pioneer in the field of business coaching with three decades of experience, will address each of these critical coaching issues and you will walk away with the following tools and tips for more effectively working with your clients and managing your practice.

As coaches, we provide direct, personal interaction with our clients that facilitates them in reaching their desired goals - a TRANSFORMATIONAL OUTCOME - what we call “Impact”.

When a customer or client experiences impact, they become ardent, loyal members of our tribe and brand ambassadors, as they spread the word of what actually worked for them. This leads to greater exposure, better brand equity, more sales and more opportunities. In this teleclass, Nick will be providing actionable strategies and technology resources for achieving impact with your customers.



Coaching Café Conversations

Make New Connections and Expand Your Network of Coaches

with Courtney Webster

Friday, January 29, 2:00 PM Pacific

ICF Los Angeles Teleclasses

Register to Participate in the Industry's Best Virtual Programs 

Twice per month with leading coaches

Join us for this relaxed, friendly and informal way for you to meet and network with other coaches from your area and explore the many rewards and challenges of coaching. The Coaching Café Conversations gathering is a great opportunity to make new connections and expand your network of coaches with whom you can exchange information and referrals. There is no fee to attend and this invitation is open to both members and non-members of ICFLA.

Learn how to market your business, how to become a better coach, how to get paid what you are worth, what inspires people to become your clients, what really matters to your clients, keys on how to successfully coach men, how to use blogs, and much, much more! People from all over the world participate in ICFLA’s teleclasses monthly. Register today or check our teleclass recording library with more than 100 hours of audio recordings.

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