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Join or Renew Your ICF Los Angeles Membership

There are four ways to participate in the ICFLA community.

Please make sure to check the table below to learn about the benefits of each membership category.

ICFLA Member: Coaches who are concurrent members of ICF Global can participate in ICF Los Angeles as a member.

Become a Member

Current ICFLA Members Only

Renew Membership

Community Associate: Coaches and anyone interested in coaching are welcome to join ICFLA as a Community Associate. ICF Global membership is not required.

Become a Community Associate

Current Community Associate's Only

Renew Community Associate

Student Associate: For Students and Student Coaches who are enrolled in school or an ICF-approved program. ICF Global Membership is not Required.

Become a Student Associate

Renew Student Associate

Guest: All other coaches, students, and anyone interested in becoming a coach can participate in ICFLA as a Guest.

Learn more about your participation options below.

Benefits ICFLA Member Community Associate Student
ICF Global Membership Required Optional Optional N/A
Annual Dues
(Rolling 12 months)
$90 $90 $45 N/A
Chapter Meeting
(Includes CCEUs)
$30 $30 $30 $40
Attend Teleclasses (CCEUs are separate) Free Free Free Free
Teleclass CCEUs
(per Unit)
Free $15 - $22.50
$15 - $22.50 $15 - $22.50
Teleclass Library Access Free -- Free --
Teleclass Recording for Sale (per Recording) Free $5 $5 $5
Duplicate CCEU Certificate (per Certificate) $5 $5 $5 $5
Other Events/Products/Services Discount 40% Discount 40% Discount 40% Full Price
Monthly Newsletter
Coaching Café
Special Interest Groups --
Volunteer Opportunities --
Member-Only Events -- --
Find A Coach Listing -- --
Events Calendar
(post your own events)
-- --
Online Coaching Profile -- --
Voting Rights -- --
BOD Leadership -- --
Other Leadership Opportunities -- --
Sponsorship Discount 10% -- -- --


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