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Rate increase FAQ – Draft

Why is the rate changing?

At ICFLA, we are dedicated to providing members with the most enriching virtual and in-person platform available.  This is one of the reasons that we have the most active chapter in the world.  Our virtual platform is so robust, that 40% of our members are actually located outside of Southern California!  And we want to continue to evolve with the needs of our members.  

The costs associated with operating this platform have increased as we scale up our virtual offerings.  However, ICFLA membership rates have remained the same ($75) for the last 10 years.  Rather than stagnate our growth or offerings, the only natural solution is to allow rates to slightly increase so we can better provide the best services and programming that ICFLA can offer.  In return, we are committed to sharing fresh material, securing the best speakers, and providing top-of-the-line services to our members.  We hope that our growth as a community will push your coaching practice to new heights!

Are rates changing for Community Associates and Student Associates?

Yes and no, respectively.  The Community Associate rate will also increase along with the membership rate to $90 per year.  This is because Community Associates receive many of the same benefits of full members, without the requirement of being an ICF Global member.

The Student Associate membership will remain at $45.

Is it possible to keep my rate the same?

We understand that the costs of running a coaching business can be high, and we do not want to negatively impact our members in any way.  After careful consideration, we want to offer members the opportunity to pre-renew their next membership year at the current rate.  This means that if you renew your membership by August 31st (even if your expiration date is next year), you can take advantage of the current $75 rate for an additional year.  (More information on this below).

How does pre-renewal work?

If you renew your membership by August 31st (even if your expiration date is next year), you can take advantage of the current $75 rate for an additional year.  This pre-renewal will tack on an additional year to your membership.

For example, if your membership expiration date is April 2019, you can pre-renew your membership for $75 until August 31st which will push out your expiration date to April 2020. 

How can I pre-renew?

Just visit the “Join or Renew” page HERE, and select “renew membership,” then follow the instructions.

Can I pre-renew for more than 1 year at $75 per year?

Unfortunately, the rate will need to increase at some time to keep up with inflation and the expenses associates with operating the chapter.  We hope this one-year buffer will be beneficial to you and your coaching business.

Will I receive anything additional with this increased membership rate?

We are THRILLED that you asked!  And the answer is YES!  A new cutting-edge website is in the works with additional features to make navigation easier, search features more robust, and more opportunities for additional content.  This will also allow us to provide more curated content like the special interest groups (SIGs) and virtual offerings.  The sky is the limit! Do we want to mention that this increase allows us to continue creating and maintaining innovative programming such as our new Special Interest groups?

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