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President's Message

Rachel Karu, MS, ACC, ICF Los Angeles President

June 2018


Rachel Karu, MS, ACC

How is it humanly possible that it is June and that my tenure as President is halfway completed?!

June is a special month for me as my birthday is June 1 and I feel like summer is just around the corner.

I am happy to share that we enjoyed a wonderful May Chapter meeting and International Coach Week Celebration. Ken Nowack was amazing, we received a Mayoral proclamation (third year in a row) for our pro-bono work during International Coach Week, and Matt Varney and Kendra Redman visited from ICF Global. We had 60 participants – AMAZING NIGHT!!!

During the meeting I reminded participants about our vision for the year. How can we continue to:

  • Attract
  • Retain
  • Engage

I also shared our Board of Directors Strategic Targets and Goals that align with the vision above. Here are the highlights for you:

o   Target #1: Membership Retention

  • We have established new touchpoints for current members, past members and guests. Don’t be surprised if you are hearing from us more often.
  • We have a very special event coming up June 7th, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm PDT:
    • Step into The Power of Neuroscience to Uplevel Your Coaching with Judith E. Glaser, the Esteemed Organizational Anthropologist and the world’s leading authority on Conversational Intelligence┬«

o   Target #2: Membership Recruitment

  • We are more strategic in tracking how we are doing at converting guests to members.
  • We are setting specific goals to increase membership. We have already exceeded our goal of getting to 350 members (5%) increase by end of June 2018.
  • We just set a new goal of reaching at least 370 members by the end of September.
    • Only $45
    • Receive member pricing for events
    • Free CCEs for programming
    • Free access to teleclass recordings
    • Free chapter meeting to try out ICFLA

o   TARGET #3 Community and Member Demographics: Know who they are and what they want.

  • We will be conducting a member survey in September to check in on what types of services, resources and programming you desire.
  • We will then reassess our programming and benefits to see if we need to make any tweaks.

o   Target #4: Raise Awareness of Coaching Profession to Community and Businesses

  • ICW pro bono coaching program with Social Venture Partners was just launched. Thanks to the over 30 ICFLA coaches for raising your hands to participate.
  • We have revamped our sponsorship offerings and have a renewed effort on securing sponsors. Please let us know if you have potential sponsors in mind.
  • Talent Summit is taking place 10/3 with other organizations including:
    • Organization Development in Los Angeles
    • Association Talent Development
    • National Speakers Association

Our chapter continues to diligently focus on delighting you, our esteemed members.

With growth comes increased demand for volunteers. How do you want to support ICFLA? We invite you to raise your hand and let us know. Please remember our new Valued Volunteer program where you can earn a free chapter meeting for every four hours you volunteer.

I am beyond honored to serve this wonderful community. Remember we A.R.E. ICFLA!!!

On we grow,


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