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ICFLA Integrating Technology SIG

Integrating Technology Into Coaching SIG

Date: Tuesday, September 25th
Time: 11:00 AM- 12:00 PM Pacific

Leader: Vanya Koonce
Guest Speaker: Pam Bateson

Topic: Futureproof learning: Sticky or Bust?

Location: Virtual meeting via Zoom.us / Your link to join the conference will be sent after you register.

"A unique Zoom video link will be provided for each session upon registration. Be sure to register every time you plan to attend to receive the updated link.”

Join the webinar and learn about Thrive Partners an online coaching platform founded in UK. Directly from the founder you will learn the four principles of success they use to thrive around the world from Seattle to Sydney, Dubai to Mumbai.

These principles guide the advice to their clients when they talk about delivering excellent, contemporary learning experiences:

  1. Interventions must be fast, easy and worthwhile – so it has to be as simple to access as Amazon or Netflix, and it has to deliver tangible results for the learner and the business.

  2. Interventions must train in core skills and soft skills – so that the skills that CEOs really want (like creativity, leadership, adaptability and problem-solving) are developed as routinely as product or compliance knowledge.

  3. Interventions must make the best of people and the best of digital – so while people have to be at the heart of learning experiences, we should scale this using digital technologies.

  4. Interventions must be inclusive, for the whole business – so, old or young, working in the office or on the move, the access must be easy and straightforward.

Pam says:
"If you’re not sticky, are you really being effective?

As organizations get leaner and sharper, and disruptive digital models strip costs to undercut traditional ones, demonstrable ROI is a must. We know that, as a learning and development community, learners start keen, but drop off quickly – and against this backdrop, can we always, honestly, justify our spend? Can we show how and where learning is happening, and use this to inform new curriculum interventions? And can we be sure that your whole business is learning as quickly as individuals can?  

It’s something we’ve got a lot more thoughts on, because at Thrive Partners, we can."

Pam Bateson is CEO & Co-founder at Thrive Partners, leaders in popular learning. Their core product, MyThrive, is already democratizing coaching with digital, and helping organizations to learn as quickly as organizations. Get in touch to book your personalized learning benchmark or come along to learn more at our webinar.
For more information explore Thrive Partners website.

About your host:

With an extensive education and background in psychology, human resources, personal growth, and entrepreneurship, Vanya Koonce draws on a wide range of coaching skills in her private practice, BeYourself.

Vanya is also the co-founder of an exciting new, interactive coaching app, AgilGoals, designed to provide business, executive, and personal development coaches a simple, innovative way to extend communication and offer their clients support outside of coaching sessions. Her excellent coaching reputation and development of the AgilGoals software app led Vanya to be invited by the “Jobs Vision Success SoCal” in Los Angeles to empower women as a mentor in their popular WoMentoring program.

Next Session:

  • November 27th

This Event is no longer available for registration.


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