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ICF Los Angeles

Welcome to ICF Los Angeles

Welcome to ICF Los Angeles, a leading ICF chapter with a membership base of more than 350 coaches from all over the world.

The purpose of ICF Los Angeles is to provide support, education, training and resources to practicing and aspiring professional coaches in helping them enhance their professional skills, and grow their practices. ICF Los Angeles actively promotes awareness of coaching to the community at large.

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Upcoming Events

Chapter Meeting Event

Tiana SanchezThe Upside of Failure

with Tiana Sanchez

Wednesday, March 21st, 6:30 PM Pacific

The Upside of Failure is a talk that will provide insight into why few people view failures as learning opportunities, a necessary step toward innovation and success and how to help key leaders spark a cultural change within an organization. This talk aligns with the #1 Amazon Best Selling book, F'd UP: The Upside of Failure



Special Interest Groups

Rachel Karu, MS, ACCSpecial Interest Groups

Next Sessions: April 9th (New Coaches SIG), April 13th (Executive Coaching SIG), April 24th (Integrating Technology SIG)

We are pleased to announce the launching of ICFLA's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that will be held every-other month starting in February and continuing in April, June, September, and November.

The SIG meetings will be held either in person or virtually, and are intended to offer ICFLA members and non-members more connection points with ICFLA and other coaches around the world.




Ann Farrell, CPCC, PCC, MSCCCQuantum Leap Your Leadership Coaching!

with Ann Farrell, CPCC, PCC, MSCCC

Thursday, April 5th, 11:00 AM Pacific

Leadership Coaching and Development is the number one area that corporations and organizations engage external coaches for support. Whether leadership coaching is part of your service offering or you are focused on helping individual clients to achieve their personal, life or career goals, elevating our coaching skills in this area can have significant impact and results. This teleclass will provide you with a leadership coaching framework as well as specific evidence-based coaching paths to close the opportunities for growth as a leader you and your clients may identify in your work together.




TSUFITHow to Step into the Spotlight by Making Smart Choices!


Tuesday, April 17th, 11:00 AM Pacific

It’s noisy out there! Making it in today’s overcrowded marketplace depends on more than just being a competent coach. Succeeding depends less on having 367 coaching credentials and more on the ability to capture the scarcest commodity of all—your audience’s attention! The biggest challenge for any coach is attracting clients. The best way to attract clients and fans is to step into the spotlight and get noticed & maybe even get known. In this powerful interactive session, you’ll learn: How to attract coaching clients with a few simple changes in how you present yourself; How to distinguish yourself from other coaches; How to step into the spotlight so you can attract rather than chase new clients, and much more!



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