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President's Message - Courtney Webster, ACC, CPCC
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Welcome to ICF Los Angeles
Welcome to ICF Los Angeles, a leading ICF chapter with a membership base of more than 350 coaches from all over the world.

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Upcoming Events

Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC
Brian Shiers

Master Series Teleclass

Part 2 - Got Ethics? Staying Out of Ethical Hot Water! 

with Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC

Thursday, October 6th, 11:00 AM Pacific 

October Chapter Event

Mindfulness: The Neuroscience of Now

with Brian Shiers, MA, CMF

Wednesday, October 19th, 6:30 PM Pacific

Beginning this year, ICF Credential-holders will be required to demonstrate completion of at least three Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units in the area of coaching ethics to be eligible for renewal of their ICF Credentials. Part 2 of “Got Ethics? Staying Out of Ethical Hot Water” specifically addresses Ethics. In this teleclass you will gain clarity on the recently updated ICF Code of Ethics. Learn why these updates were made and learn from other coaches mistakes – so you can Stay Out of Ethical Hot Water as a Coach.

In this experiential presentation, UCLA MARC mindfulness facilitator, Brian Shiers, will clarify what mindfulness is, why the science community has undertaken its study with such enthusiasm, and how to practice and apply its principles to ourselves and our coaching. You will learn how to achieve a mindful state of awareness and realize the benefits in your coaching practice.


Audrey Seymour, MA, MCC
Coaching in Business


Skip the Buzzwords: Use Marketing That Speaks Soul to Soul to Draw In Your Ideal Clients

with Audrey Seymour, MA, MCC

Wednesday, October 19th, 11:00 AM Pacific

The Association for Talent Development Presents:

Coaching in Business: Three Coaches Discuss the Profession

with Mary Vinette, Tom Henschel, Jeanne Smith, & Susan Smalley

Thursday, October 20th, 6:00 PM Pacific


As a coach with a mission to transform people’s lives, how do you reach those you are meant to serve, in the midst of the information overload they experience every day? How do you stand out in the crowd while still honoring the integrity of your values? In this teleclass, learn what may be preventing you from filling your practice with ideal clients, how to identify the type of clients that are ideal for you, how to craft compelling purpose-based taglines that draw in the most fulfilling clients, and much more!
There are many different ways to be a business coach: internal, external or a blend of both. This month’s panel on Business Coaching brings you one of each type, plus a fourth coach as moderator. Bring your questions! The objectives of this events are to provide a broad spectrum of answers to questions about coaching. How do you get there? What do you do once you’re there? How does it work inside companies? Don't miss this great event!

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