July C³ Chapter Event


Hey there, rockstar coaches! It's time to swap the open-ended questions for the never-ending shoreline because we're throwing a beachside party, and YOU'RE invited! 🌴🌊

"What’s the Plan?"

Join us for an epic day of sunshine and sand! We're talking connection, laughter, and music to keep the joy coming. It’s your chance to kick back, relax, and network with other coaches who know how to have fun. Whether you're into wading into the water or just soaking up the sun, there's something for everyone. Your comfort is queen, so come as your most relaxed and confident self.

Bring whatever you may need for your ideal shoreline experience: towels, shade, and your lunch. Family and friends are welcome.

Come away with stronger connections and a rejuvenated spirit! AND IT'S FREE!!


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What they're saying

Collaborating with the ICF LA chapter was an absolute delight. As a speaker invited to address their esteemed group, I was deeply moved by the profound professionalism, dedication, and support demonstrated by the organizers at every turn,
which significantly enriched my experience.

Brad Hardie, MCC

Webinar Speaker

Michael was one of the best guest speakers ever! Great presentation, connection, and practical tips.

Kevin Gazzara, ICFLA Member

Grow Your Coaching Business Through Speaking (webinar) with Michael Charest

Thought provoking, great framing ideas to generate new introductions.

Debra Balamos, ICFLA Member

February 2024 Chapter Event

I really appreciated the interactive conversation and ability of the presenters to flex with the group while maintaining the topic.

Gail Whipple, ICFLA Member

March 2024 Career Coaching SIG

This was a fabulous session! So much insight was shared in the session. Thank you, Carrie!

Patricia Schwartz, MCC

April 2024 MCC Group SIG

Loved the value of this program - easy to understand explanation of sales funnels and branding strategies.

Lisa Gillette, ICFLA Member

April 2024 C³ Chapter Event

Bring her back ASAP! She was fantastic, and the course content was extremely relevant and impactful!

Laila Keith, Executive Coach

April 2024 Career Coaching SIG with Marianna Henry

Gretchen always provides great facilitation and insights! A true coaching professional.

Kevin Gazzara, ICFLA Member

May 2024 Build Your Business Special Interest Group

I “attended" my first Executive Coaching SIG with the great Tom Henschel (copied!) and I was BLOWN AWAY how fantastic it was. I can’t thank the organization enough for this powerful resource and community. This was one of the MOST valuable ICF events I have attended and chock full of value, resources, and my people! 🤓

THANK YOU all, and thank you, Tom, for leading with heart, commitment, inspiration, and off-the-charts value! 🙏🙌

Ted Whetstone, ACC, ICFLA Member

Executive Coaching Special Interest Group