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Stay tuned for more details about our upcoming Chapter Meetings! In the meantime, be sure to hold these dates and time (subject to change) on your calendar:
July 17: Celebrate Sun n Fun
August 24: Skirball Center, Speaker TBD
October 19: Skirball Center, Talent Summit

December 15: Skirball Center, Holiday Celebration




For the first time ever we are both in person and virtual. We are excited to offer this live event on zoom for any audience member that cannot join us in person at USC. Please register to reserve your seat either in person or on zoom with the link below.

Topic: Reimagining Leadership for the Future in Los Angeles


  • Matt Auron, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Evolution
  • Alma Burke, Director, USC Department of Public Safety
  • Carol Geffner, Professor and Director of the Master of Leadership Program, USC 
  • Wendy Leshgold, President and Co-Founder, Fast Forward Group 
  • Andy Ortiz, SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer, Cedars-Sinai
  • Natalie Samarjian, President and CEO, Coro of Southern California

Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Time: 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time 

CCE’s: 1.0 Core Competencies / 1.0 Resource Development

Location: USC Marshall School of Business and Virtual on ICFLA Zoom Room

Note: For the in-person event, proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or recent negative test results required to enter USC campus.

Masks are required on campus except when consuming food or drink.



We are thrilled to welcome you back to our first in person event in over two years!

To celebrate International Coaching Week 2022, Reimagine the Future, ICFLA C3 Events is proud to present a timely, inclusive, and essential conversation between leaders and coaches, Reimagining Leadership for the Future in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

The global and local economy is being transformed.  How will we prepare balanced global leaders with a heart for servant leadership in an increasingly polarized, technology-driven, fast changing world?

This timely and essential conversation among leaders and coaches will explore: 

  • The challenges and opportunities that leaders will be facing in the future, and the kind of leadership that will be needed to move the region forward.
  • The qualities and capabilities, as well as new models such as co-leadership, which will be required in the new landscape of leadership.
  • How coaches and consultants can be a force for guiding and delivering these positive changes in leaders.




Topic: Mastering the Art of Women’s Leadership

Speaker: Dr. Lois Frankel

Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2022

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The name Dr. Lois Frankel has become synonymous with empowering women in the workplace. She is a pioneer in the field of executive coaching, an internationally recognized expert in the field of leadership development for women, and a sought-after keynote speaker. She is the author of the bestselling business bible for women, Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, and 11 books in the “nice girls” series.

Now more than ever, global leadership requires inclusivity, empathy, compassion, collaboration and deep listening; skills that are traditionally recognized as feminine leadership qualities. During this virtual event, Dr. Frankel talked about mastering the art of women’s leadership, and why it’s so vital in the current global climate.




Comments on the Event

“Lois is very passionate, and I deeply appreciate her POV and generosity to share her wisdom and experience. Thank you, Lois.”

“Great topic, fabulous, dynamic and effective speaker”

“Reinforced that women are coming into their own leadership more effectively”

“Provided opportunities for reflection on how my own beliefs about leadership have changed recently”

“Community in sharing and learning from all of the chapter- Thank you”

“Community, connection, the energy of the group while learning”


“More Please”




Topic: Service: Gateway to Client Creation

Speaker: Melissa Ford

Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Melissa Ford starts our year in the right direction her life and coaching practice ARE a “LIVING SERVICE”   She is Raw, honest, and full of humor, as well as a brilliant master coach.  Melissa will take us through her journey to living service as a prosperous coach, she’ll remind us that coaching is about being human and discovering a deeper connection with yourself, others and the world. We are so excited for you to be able to join this conversation and learn tonight how you can begin to develop a prosperous coaching practice by using service as a gateway to client creation. Melissa lives in the Windy city of Chicago.




Comments on the Event

“What a special presenter, presentation and focus on service to kick off 2022! I read Melissa's book Living Service last year and so appreciated her honesty in sharing her journey and her guidance for other coaches. It was a pleasure to hear her speak last night and also connect with ICFLA coaching colleagues. Thank you for a superb chapter event.”

“Great topic for this challenging time of building a coaching practice ! Like the simplicity but courageous empathy toward the big emotional steps coaches can go through creating a private practice. Fantastic tool to have Melissa's book and listen from her own voice challenging us to think about our true value of service in this profession of coaching.  keep me vulnerable and with a strong desire of revisiting my internal value of what it means to serve others. Sincerely grateful!!!”

“It was excellent. Thought-provoking and gave tools for effective application.”


Attendees shared what they liked best about the event:

“Having a place and space where I can belong professionally in my process of learning and practice coaching”.

“The breakout rooms helped me feel engaged with the other members.  I really appreciated their insights.  The President and workshop facilitator were excellent, engaging, encouraging, welcoming.  This was my first meeting here and I am looking forward to future meetings.”

“The warm, engaging community. The topic content can be immediately applied to my coaching practice.”

“The energy and activity between live tweeting and the spinning wheel of names, this was engaging for so late in the evening.”