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President's Message

2019 December President’s Message

Happy Holidays!

It is with profound gratitude that I write to you today.  It continues to be an extraordinary year and throughout it I am honored to be the President of ICFLA.  Saying yes to this role has changed me both personally and professionally. Due to saying yes to being president, I have more connections and opportunities here and around the globe.  My business has grown from one-on-one coaching to include speaking and working with teams as well. Best of all I have been surrounded by an incredible team.

Come celebrate the team at the Holiday Chapter Meeting on December 4th.  We will give thanks to this year’s Board and welcome the 2020 board.  

Our focus for the night is on you and your goals.  What have you achieved and what’s next? The programming team has taken the 2019 theme of playfulness, connection and growth, and created 3 groups with speakers in each to celebrate your achievements and give you what you need for your new year.  Join us by registering here, or pay at the door.  

If you want to say yes to an ICFLA Board position, reach out to Camille McKinney, our wonderful President-Elect and 2020 President.

Come celebrate at the Virtual Holiday party on December 19th online.

Besides wanting your presence, for every person that attends this Virtual Holiday Party, ICFLA will make a donation to Bloom Again Foundation $5.00 per attendee (up to a max of $250.00).  Register here.

Throughout the month, check out the Coach Cafes throughout Los Angeles and the Teleclasses which moved to Zoom Webinar.

Rounding out the year with 4th Quarter achievements

People achievement:

Connections - Our current Board has been onboarding the new teams, utilizing their best processes and practices this year.

Diversity and Inclusivity - This year has seen several events geared towards inviting a larger diverse audience.  This interaction has continued and developed into leadership positions for some in attendance. As seen by Global Connect the event with 11 countries and 9 Chapters.  In addition, International Coaching Week included youth and students from 4 coaching schools. Lastly, the Coaching with Pride event focused on coaching in the LGBTQ community.  Our world is changing and ICFLA coaches stay ahead of the curve, by coaching in the curve.

We made ICF Converge connections for potential future speakers and guests of ICFLA events.

Engagements and Contracts: 

  • We’re excited to have formalize our contractor agreements with an attorney-created contract for anyone who currently contracts, or will contract for ICFLA.  This is in compliance with California’s new, stricter laws for contractors in 2020. We look forward to sharing what we have learned in months to come.
  • Quickbooks has been purchased and will ease our ability to track and validate our finances. Say goodbye to excel spreadsheet P&L’s!
  • Say hello to our newly contracted website manager, Miguel Alfaro of MGA Nexus Marketing.


Website - we did it!  ICFLA created a new website.  A very special recognition to Developer George Avelino and ICFLA Communications Director, Pedro Pinto for their dedication to our goal of creating the site.  Their early and late hours of strategizing, brainstorming and reworking the CRM and dashboard created the solution we have been seeking for at least 4 years. In addition, Miguel Alfaro’s editing, video creation, and unparallelled mailchimp email creation connects to the site seamlessly.  April Hunter, our virtual assistant, has been a pro at stepping up to support the ever-changing processes as the platforms have changed.  

The new ICFLA website is more than just a landing page or simple website.  It includes a customer relationship manager, an individual dashboard, and an account for all members.  If you have not checked out the website, go to, input your email address and “forgot password” to create a new password.  Why do this? It associates your ICFLA membership to your new password and your individual dashboard.  

  • The member dashboard will collect your purchased events, videos, and CCE certificates going forward.  Members are responsible for keeping track, and your account will assist you in this.
  • Video recordings  For the member in Australia that wanted to participate in the SIGs, but couldn’t due to the time difference, we heard you! We followed through keeping you in mind. You can watch SIGs and other events via video and get CCEs. 
  • Over time you will see and be able to explore a #bizopps page for hiring companies and other coaching opportunities.  
  • There will be a spotlight page for members or special recognition in the community.
  • If you experience any challenges logging into the new website, please email

Mark your calendar for January 15th, the first Chapter meeting of 2020 with Jeanne Smith, PCC, ICFLA 2015 Past President and visionary Coaching Culture Architect, who nominated Procore for the Prism Award and won.

What’s next for you?

Coach on!

Sarah Khambatta, PCC ICFLA President



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