President's Message

Dear ICFLA Community,

It's September 2021. 

I don’t know about you, but this year is simultaneously moving at a rapid pace and a snail’s pace. Either way, progress is occurring and that’s a good thing. 

Now, September is a transitional month for many. Kids go back to school. Clients start thinking about their end-of-year goals. Companies are budgeting for new talent development initiatives. Apples need to be picked from nearby orchards. And, here at ICFLA, we are planning the Board team to present to you for 2022 and the big Talent Summit on October 20, 2021, from 6 pm to 9 pm Pacific (save the date and time on your calendar now). Although the Talent Summit will be virtual once again, the team producing it has planned another exciting event for you. Look for an invitation in your inbox soon. 

And we keep the wheels moving at ICFLA with your support.

How important are Sponsors to ICFLA?

Every year, we seek sponsors to help support the operation of the ICFLA chapter. We select sponsors we strongly believe will add value to your ability to deepen your skills to connect with new clients or partners.

Last month, we introduced our newest Gold sponsor, Make Your Mark. Sponsors like Make Your Mark allow ICFLA to remain one of the most innovative and influential chapters at ICF. 

How can Make Your Mark accelerate your income potential? Join them on September 13 for an exciting workshop.

From Make Your Mark:

What if there’s a proven process that will consistently fill your pipeline with leads and your roster with ideal, ALL IN, clients?

Well, there is: It’s speaking.

The problem is...most coaches are doing it wrong.  

That's why we're so excited to bring to you a brand new, FREE workshop: 

Speak to Profit: A 5 Day Income Accelerator for Coaches

Starting on September 13th, Make Your Mark tackles this challenge head-on in a FREE WORKSHOP SERIES that we’ve arranged for you.

Click below for more info and to reserve your seat:

SPEAK TO PROFIT: A 5 Day Income Accelerator for Coaches


How important are volunteers to ICFLA? 

Volunteers drive our organization and make everything we do for you possible. If you have a few hours a month to volunteer, we invite you to join our team. 

We are actively recruiting volunteers in all areas of our Chapter. Specifically:

  1. Director of Operations
  2. Co-Assistant Director of Membership
  3. Co-Assistant Director of Chapter Meetings
  4. Assistant Director of Coaching Cafes
  5. Social Media Volunteer (creating and posting on Facebook and LinkedIn)
  6. Programming volunteers for Teleclasses and Special Interest Groups
  7. Secretary for 2022
  8. Sponsorship support volunteers

If you're interested in volunteering, please reach out to Carrie Williams at 


Renew your ICFLA Membership or join now!

Please renew your membership when it comes due. Note that your membership renewal date is the date you first joined. If you renew early, we add a year to your original date and you enjoy an additional year of membership. If you haven't joined yet, click here. If you haven’t renewed your membership yet, please go to your dashboard at and click renew membership today. 


How does ICFLA help you increase your Coaching profile?

1. Find A Coach is waiting for your profile! If you haven't visited and uploaded your Coaching profile to our site's Find a Coach section, please go now to check it out. A quick video tutorial will walk you through the entire process.

2. Member Events allow you to add your own events to the ICFLA website. Add your own events to our page and we will help you promote it! Do this at Member Events.

How can you help to keep ICFLA one of the most innovative chapters on the planet? Become A Sponsor or introduce us to a potential Sponsor!

Reach out to Jason Press at if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or if you know of an organization that would benefit from an affiliation with ICFLA. We are happy to work with you. 

There is always more goodness to come from this wonderful group of volunteers! Please let me know how we may be of service. 

I wish you an awesome beginning to the new season!






John Volturo

2021 ICFLA Chapter President