The International Coach Federation describes coaching as a thought-provoking, creative partnership that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential. ICF goes on to say that, often, through coaching, clients unlock previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

Who becomes a coach?

Anyone who has an instinct to help.

Are coaches therapists?

Some are. Most are not. But the role of coaching is not to heal or fix. It’s to be a partner and a guide.

How do I become a coach?

International Coach Federation has been helping people become coaches for decades. They created standards for the coaching profession. Start your journey to become a coach here.

And come join us at ICF Los Angeles here! We’ll help you become a coach. Reach out to anyone on this site. They’ll help. Or join any of our events. We’re a welcoming community. Come on in!

Are there different kinds of coaches?

Yes, many coaches have a specialty or niche.  You can visit the Find a Coach page here, and click on a desired specialty to find more information that meets your needs.