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Topic:  Being More Aware of Ourselves

Speaker: Guadalupe Cernusco

Chapter Representative: Jeff Cheah, ACC, President ICF Malaysia

CCEs: 1.25 Resource Development

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One of the aims in the ontological conversation is to help the clients discover their own resources and power to cope with different situations in their lives. Tapping in the stillness of the mind, centering, and letting our breathing be light and conscious, we are more aware and calm to see what arises. We speak less but we get more connected to ourselves and find a big resource in turning inwards.



As an ontological coach, I work with the body, the language, and emotions. Bringing skills from Teacher Training Yoga and Pranayama we work in Being aware of thoughts and feelings so that we can reconnect with ourselves through our bodies and we become more compassionate.

I hold a Certificate in Social Studies from Harvard University, USA, and have taught Communication in Blas Pascal University, Argentina and Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala. I have also studied to be a Language teacher at Zorrilla de San Martin School and Ontological Coaching at PNL and Coaching School ICF member, Argentina. I also hold a Certificate as an Integrative Yoga teacher.

I have worked in both, private and public sectors: Media and advertising, political campaigns, television and radio and also some freelance writing for magazines. I have NGO experience, I taught as various schools in different parts of the world, led corporate training for companies and learned from the diverse cultures to enrich the way I look at the human being. I enjoy very much cycling in the mountains! and also experimenting with my body and breath while I practice asanas.


Chapter Representative: Jeff Cheah, ACC, President ICF Malaysia

Jeff Cheah understands the challenges of managing & leading a group of people towards meeting targets & goals. It’s all about sharing the vision, communicating roles and responsibilities, create a people-oriented workplace culture, and coaching people. He believes that every Leader possesses skills, talent, ideas, faults, and flaws.

The Leader and Manager must have the courage and humility to unlearn and learn and seek to understand what makes people tick.

Jeff Cheah has been training, coaching, and mentoring Leaders & Managers for the past 28 years to sharpen their leadership, coaching, and communication skills. In his role as a Facilitator & Leadership Coach, he has lead groups of Managers towards practicing and implementing programs to develop their basic management skills which are essential to the success of Companies they managed.

As an Executive Leadership Coach, he has made Leaders aware that a shift or change in their behavior, can result in positive business outcomes. He has also explored ideas and thoughts that Leaders can immediately put into action that can result in employees be more loyal and committed.