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Topic: Coaching Conversations in the Edge of Silence

Speaker: Peter Wrycza, PhD, PCC

Chapter Representative: ICF Singapore President, Suman Balani

CCEs: 1.25 Resource Development

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Whether you are new to the helping professions or an experienced coach, this presentation will introduce you to Conversations on the Edge of Silence. Learn about this new approach. Discover a new way of working one-to-one in which you can do more with less. Enjoy the secrets of mastery in an approach that cuts across the boundaries of the helping professions to connecting patterns through deep listening and creative unfolding, from the place in which differences meet in the deep connectedness of life.

Discover what are ‘Conversations on the Edge of Silence’, what is ‘Generative Dialogue’, and their importance in the new ways of being and working together that are emerging to meet the needs of our times. We will experience the value of reflecting on the edges of our coaching and great power of ‘reflective practice’. Peter will  introduce the innovative process of Generative Dialogue, and show how it can be practically applied in coaching.



Peter Wrycza, Ph.D., PCC, coach, facilitator, mentor, and coach supervisor, published author, and speaker is the developer of Deep Transformational Coaching, and the Re•Patterning process – a unique method for exploring and updating life-patterns.

His current work crystallizes a lifelong interest in stimulating and supporting a natural Awakening in individuals and groups by unfolding inner energy and awareness through gentle ‘Conversations on the Edge of Silence’ and ‘Generative Dialogue.’. For the past 45 years, Peter has been exploring the prerequisites for transformation and awakening in work with individuals and groups in Europe and Asia. From this work has emerged a unique holistic way of understanding personal and organizational development – ‘the Way of Unfolding.’ This approach – a kind of ‘Tantric Advaita’ – embraces the natural unfolding of things through the pervasive interplay of opposites within the deep wholeness of Life. For Peter, extensive practice of meditation and self-unfolding movement, particularly ‘innerdance, facilitate this approach.

Peter is the author of Living Awareness, and co-author of Moksha and Living in the Spirit with Luh Ketut Suryani and When Performance Meets Alignment, co-authored with Jan Ardui. He is currently working on a book about innerdance, with its Filipino founder Pi Villaraza. Originally from Norfolk, England, he is of mixed Polish, Italian, and English parentage.  He enjoys creative writing in his spare time.


Chapter Representative: ICF Singapore President, Suman Balani

Suman has over 25 years of leadership experience in healthcare, payments, and technology services, including positions in corporate strategy development, business operations, strategic marketing, product development and technology innovation. Leveraging on her strong corporate track record, Suman has brought the benefits of coaching to organizations by helping the leaders build capacity for sustainable performance whilst concurrently displaying emotionally intelligent conduct.  Suman’s style of evocative coaching enables leaders to gain deep self-awareness, and experience powerful shifts in their perspective allowing them to be open to new and better ways of working. These new insights help them to better appreciate and embrace the work of their teams resulting not only in more innovative and creative outcomes, but also highly engaged and motivated teams and co-workers. A strong communicator and strategic thinker, she is able to bring clarity and renewed energy to executives and teams through her skillful coaching conversations. 


Suman is currently the President of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Singapore Chapter, driving initiatives to introduce coaching to the community and to shape the coaching landscape in Singapore. She is also a Board Committee Member of SPD, a non-profit organization creating inclusivity for persons with disabilities, and an Executive Planning Committee Member of Over-the-Rainbow, an organization that aims to transform the state of mental health for youth.