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Topic:  From Consciousness to Creativity: How Spiritual Practices Transform Organizational Culture Within the 21st Century Workplace

Speaker: Feroshia Knight, MCC

Chapter Representative: Sarah Graves, President, ICF Oregon

CCEs: 1.25 Resource Development

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Until recently, little research has been conducted on the benefits of encouraging spirituality and inner focus among employees within an organizational structure. Yet as companies and forward-looking leaders continue to search for new pathways to achieve organizational success, and more willingly accept the individual as a whole being, that attitude is shifting.

Mindfulness is the active cultivation of non-judgmental awareness by paying attention to the present moment and our situations as they are. This ancient practice of self-awareness is applicable to modern organizational culture. Measured through enhanced wellness, lower absenteeism and employee retention, recent data suggest a strong correlation between spirituality and the workplace – with a positive change in job satisfaction of nearly 65%!

Quite simply: healthy inner lives impact outer performance. This experiential presentation illustrates techniques that empower you to integrate the whole person – mind, body, heart and spirit – into your organization today. You’ll learn how to establish the groundwork of coach-like culture rooted in ancient spiritual practices and mindfulness.



Feroshia Knight, MA, MCC is a master educator and the creator of Whole Person Coaching®, the respected, widely-adopted system for personal and professional development used by individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout the world. She is also founder of Baraka Institute: Coach Training World in Portland, Oregon and an internationally-known motivational speaker, consultant, coach, and author.


Chapter Representative: Sarah Graves, President, ICF Oregon

Sarah coached teams from opening luxury restaurants in San Francisco to sales teams in Northern California, NW<, Colorado, Hawaii, and Nevada. Her experience in recruitment, training, preparation, and strategy, has created hundreds of talented leaders throughout the industry. A graduate of ICF ACTP school inviteCHANGE, Sarah is now the Chief Relationships Officer and a professional coach. Since 2015, she has coached executives, entrepreneurs, designers, millennial leaders, housewives, the underserved and the voiceless to live from wholeness and to experience and create the life they desire and be a positive influence in the world.


Sarah is an ICF Credentialed Coach with over 800 hours of coaching.  Sarah serves on the Board of Directors for the International Coach Federation Oregon State Chapter as the President. She has been on the board since 2015 serving as In-Person Events Director and President-Elect. She has championed Pro Bono work in Oregon. The chapter is having its 5th Annual Pro Bono Clinic this May during International Coaching Week joining non-profit leaders with member coaches to educate the public on the coaching process and celebrate coaches with a mini-workshop prior to the clinic. She is currently working on building sponsorships to create a stronger financial foundation for the chapter.