ICF Coaching Week

Thank you for your commitment to coaching and participation in the Coast to Coast Pro Bono Coaching Challenge for ICW 2024 in partnership with ICF Los Angeles, ICF Southern Nevada, ICF SF Bay Area Coaches, ICF Houston, ICF High Country, ICF Metro DC, ICF San Diego, ICF NYC, and ICF Washington State.

This challenge invites coaches to offer at least 3 hours of pro bono coaching by May 19. The coaching may be individual, team, group, mentor coaching, or coaching supervision. Individual coaches from any chapter or anywhere in the world are invited to participate – making this a true coast to coast effort! We invite you to be creative in finding your pro bono clients in order to amplify the positive impact of coaching.

Week 8 Maps 2024

Coaching Week US Map week 7
Coaching Week Map world -week7

Step 1

Commit to Coaching

Provide at least three pro bono hours from now through International Coaching Week

Step 2

Showcase your commitment by downloading and displaying
the badge on your LinkedIn profile and website!

ICF Los Angeles Badge
ICF Badge

Step 3

Track & submit your pro bono coaching hours as you go or by May 20th:

Coaching Submission Form

Step 4

Stay tuned to see our Coast to Coast progress and impact!

Receive a certificate for coaching submitted by May 20th.